Photo: Fumiko Tsukada

Kawaii Nippon

— 77 scenes where Godotty is —

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Between today’s “I” and yesterday’s “I”, there is the overwhelming loneliness that is not buried even if I struggle to do. But we can’t be in this world unless we are someone. Therefore yesterday’s “I” wait. Today’s “I” wait, too. By the way, for what? OK, let’s see the funny face of each other when we think about it carelessly. Oh, we can’t endure it! It’s so lovely and sad. Inspired by Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot, it is a completely original musical theatre presented by SYAKE-SPEARE.

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Photo: Fumiko Tsukada


We, SYAKE-SPEARE, are creating new style musical theatre from 2010. All performers are female (except musicians). We compose our pieces with live music performance, actresses, dancers, and also singers / narrators called “Utai.” This particular method is inspired by the style of Noh theatre. Focusing on “speaking Japanese on stage,” we aim to present bodies and words as music, and also music as language. We got the prize in Toga concours 2013 with The Cherry Orchard by Chekhov.

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