Gauche the Cellist

Gauche the Cellist (2007)
Photo: Tsukasa Aoki

Hikaru Hayashi Opera Theater

Opera “I am a Cat”

Opera “Gauche the Cellist”

Haiyuza Theater

2.6 Thu 18:30w
2.7 Fri 18:30g
2.8 Sat 13:00w
2.9 Sun 13:00g
2.10 Mon 13:00w
2.11 Tue 13:00g/17:00g

2.12 Wed 13:00w
2.13 Thu 13:00g
2.14 Fri 18:30w
2.15 Sat 13:00g
2.16 Sun 13:00w

*I Am a cat = w, Gauche the Cellist = g

Adv ¥5,500
Pair Adv ¥10,000
Two Pieces Adv ¥10,000

Student & Child Adv ¥3,000
Adult & Child Pair Adv ¥8,000
Door ¥500+ / person

TPAM Registrant Benefit:¥500 discount / an adult from the prices above

Two operas by Hikaru Hayashi, who composed for and directed Konnyakuza for a long period and passed away in 2012. The opera I am a Cat (based on the novel by Soseki Natsume) was premiered in 1998 as a memorial performance for the establishment of New National Theatre. In the same year, Hikaru Hayashi was given the 30th Suntory Music Award for his composition for the piece. The opera Gauche the Cellist (based on the novel by Kenji Miyazawa) was premiered in 1986 and has been performed more than 1,000 times and drawn 600,000 audiences. The piece toured in France in 1999 and in Asia in 2003.

Contact: Opera Theater Konnyakuza 044-930-1720 / Email

Opera Theater Konnyakuza

Photo: Ran Himeda

Opera Theater Konnyakuza

Established in 1971 as an opera company with Japanese repertoires to “create and promote new Japanese opera.” The words are clearly delivered in the company’s operas, which are highly regarded in terms of both musical and theatrical quality. The company has also been actively performing overseas, accumulating experiences of international exchange. Currently consisting of the musical director Kyoko Hagi, 38 singers / actors and seven managers, the company produces its own pieces and nationwide tours performing approximately 200 times a year.

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