Momonga Complex

Photo: Momo Kitagawa

Hitobito [humans]

ST Spot

2.6 Thu 19:30
2.7 Fri 13:00/17:00
2.8 Sat 13:00/17:00
2.9 Sun 11:00/15:00

Adv ¥3,000
Door ¥3,500

TPAM Registrant Benefit: ¥2,500

A piece choreographed and composed with the backdrops for the ballet Aleko by Chagall as its motif. Involving humans as “scenographic elements,” this dance performance draws effects from the differences between the qualities of movements of dancers and scenographic humans as well as their interactions. A reconsideration of the idea after going through scenographic human workshops and collaborations with other performance makers since the premiere in March 2012.

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Momonga Complex

Photo: Momo Kitagawa

Momonga Complex

Launched in 2005. A dance performance group led by Momoko Shiraga. It was a resident company at KIRARI☆FUJIMI Cultural Centre of Fujimi City from 2008 to 2011. Focusing on small matters that tend to be overlooked and the tragicomic presence of what exists on the margins of the world, the group has been creating dance performance pieces that humorously capture individuals’ daily lives, interests and even inferiority complexes.

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