Miss Revolutionary Idol Berserker

Photo: Jumpei Tainaka

Noise and Darkness

Sotetsu Honda Theater

2.14 Fri 16:00/20:00
2.15 Sat 12:00/16:00/20:00
2.16 Sun 13:00

Adv ¥2,900
Door ¥3,300

TPAM Registrant Benefit: ¥2,800 (not available on the days)

This will be our Japan premiere performance under the name of Miss Revolutionary Idol Berserker. The onstage image of a huge crowd dancing continuously from beginning to end might remind some audience members of a chaotic banquet at first glance; however, sometimes it may remind people of a regulated North Korean mass game. This image of disposable modern society sweeps over the audience in an unforgettable theatre spectacular event.

Partly subtitled in English

Contact: Miss Revolutionary Idol Berserker 080-5198-9741 / Email


Miss Revolutionary Idol Berserker


Toco Nikaido

Born in 1986. Director, Choreographer, Actress. A graduate of J.F. Obilin University’s College of Performing and Visual Arts and founder of the theatre troupe Miss Revolutionary Idol Berserker. The troupe kicked off 2013 with a three country European tour that was enthusiastically received by the company’s first audience abroad. Toco hopes to connect people around the world with Japan’s enticingly spunky and savage youth subculture.

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