Mademoiselle Cinema

A melancholic fugue and…

Kagurazaka Session House

2.8 Sat 19:00
2.9 Sun 14:00/18:00

Adv ¥3,000
Student Adv ¥2,500
Pair Adv ¥5,500
Door ¥3,500

TPAM Registrant Benefit: ¥2,500

This piece was created to visually express the emotional lives of women today, in particular those who live in “memory” and the “now.” These two spaces — the past and the present — can never join together in time; instead they create a distance (a “gap”) in the consciousness between people, and thus, sorrow. The visual power of this piece is enhanced by simultaneously incorporating the fine arts into an abstract dance performance. In addition, brief encounters between men and women are narrated in a dance form similar to the musical structure of the fugue. Although their destination is uncertain and their sorrow may be forever lost in time, the dancers continue to dance…

Contact: Mademoiselle Cinema 03-3266-0461 / Email

Mademoiselle Cinema

Mademoiselle Cinema

Mademoiselle Cinema, the resident dance company of Session House (based in Kagurazaka, Tokyo), was formed in 1993. The dance company is under the creative leadership of choreographer Naoko Ito. Since 1998, they have performed as “Travelling Dance” in several cities in Japan, as well as in several foreign countries. In 2008, Naoko Ito received the New Artist Prize at the Art Festival sponsored by the Agency for Cultural Affairs in Japan. The dance ensemble was awarded the Audience Prize at the Gryfino International Festival (Szutukowanie) in Poland in 2011. They have also participated in the Sibiu International Theatre Festival in Rumania (2008), and most recently, at the Avignon Theatre Festival in France (2013).

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