Kitamari & Offsite Dance Project


Junnosuke Tada


Steep Slope Studio

2.14 Fri 15:00
2.15 Sat 15:00
2.16 Sun 17:00

*A Bar Lounge will be open before and after the performances
*Artist’s Talk after the performance on Feb.16 (English interpretation provided)

Adv ¥2,500
Student Adv ¥2,000
Door ¥3,000
Student Door ¥2,500

TPAM Registrant Benefit: Advance ¥2,000, Door ¥2,500

Junnosuke Tada first directed Re/Play in 2011 with his theater group, Tokyo Deathlock. It explores the intent and meaning of re-production through bodily repetition of physical movement. As a re-making of a theatrical production, this version replaces the actors with eight leading contemporary dancer-choreographers, many of whom have received multiple awards for their own creations. Using pop music, the performers dance until they collapse in exhaustion – and then they get up and do it again, each choreographer-dancer taking a turn at their own approach to the project. In their collaboration with Tada’s direction, the very foundation and meaning of dance is undermined, theater as a format is subverted, and a truly fresh perspective on dance and performance emerges.
There will be a bar set up on site during the run of performances at Steep Slope Studio so the artists and audience can meet and exchange ideas and impressions after the performance.

Contact: Steep Slope Studio 045-250-5388 / Email

Tada Junnosuke

Junnosuke Tada

Junnosuke Tada

Born in 1976, Tada formed his company “Tokyo Deathlock,” in 2001. His direction focuses on the concept that “manifestation equals phenomenon” and that this manifistation includes a performer’s body, the audience, and the space. With his way of unconventional approach to the framework of established theater, each of his projects generates intriguing discussion both within Japan and abroad. He has been the artistic director of Kirari Fujimi Cultural Centre of Fujimi City since 2010.


Photo: Yujiro Sagami


Born in 1983, Kitamari formed her company “KIKIKIKIKIKI” in 2003. In 2008 she received the Audience Award of the Toyota Choreography Award and the grand prize in the Yokohama Solo X Duo Competition. Kitamari continually crosses boundaries by directing, choreographing and dancing in a range of performances, as well as producing projects that expand the possibilities for performing arts and are vital to the contemporary dance scene.

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