Kanagawa Arts Theatre, Atrium

2.14 Fri 20:00
2.15 Sat 16:30
2.16 Sun 18:00

Admission free, reservation not required

The ogre’s job at Sai no Kawara (the dry riverbed of the Sanzu River, which divides this and the other world) is to pull down towers of stones that children who died before their parents pile up, but his back aches recently. His favorite weapon, the iron rod, is too short and heavy now, so he purchased a titanium golf club so that he can hit and destroy the piles of stones that the deads have made straight away. Does an end come to the sterile game of piling up and destroying again and again? The performance based on the company’s short piece Ghosts that Enthusiastically Dance at Sai no Kawara takes part in TPAM Showcase as a show in a non-theater space.

Contact: KATARUSHITSU 03-6303-0521 / Email



Another troupe that the theatre company based in Tokyo “ikiume” (consists of the playwright / director Tomohiro Maekawa and seven performers) launched in 2013 to pursue expression exceeding the framework of the company. Its first performance Notes from Underground was an adaptation of Dostoyevsky, in which the blocked-up situation of Czarist Russia and the contemporary situation of Japan overlapped and the prison of self-consciousness was depicted. The performance, while accurately tracing the novel, filled the venue with laughter.