Co. Yamada Un

Photo: Manaho Kaneko

Dance × APRICO × Yamada Un



2.15 Sat 15:00

Regular Ticket ¥2,500
U22 Seat ¥1,000
(for those who are younger than 22. Available if there are vacant seats on the day. Please bring an ID)

TPAM Registrant Benefit: ¥2,000

A double bill of new works — a piece that Un Yamada (choreographer / dancer) and her company’s member and musician Ohiro Minato created together with generations of participants through workshops, and a company piece by Co. Yamada Un. We welcome people who work at theaters and are interested in local community dance.

Variation 1
Dance: workshop participants, Co. Yamada Un
Variation 2
Dance: Co. Yamada Un

English document available

Contact: Co. Yamada Un 080-9640-5361 / Email

Co. Yamada Un

Photo: Yoichi Tsukada

Un Yamada

She studied apparatus gymnastics, ballet and butoh before starting to create her own pieces in 1996. Founded “Co. Yamada Un” in 2002, she has been disseminating witty activities resourced with music, fine art, literature, academism, fashion and diverse physicality. She is also a pioneer of physical movement instructions for opera and theatre, workshops at schools and institutions, as well as community dance. Having toured in 28 cities in Japan and 22 cities in 14 countries, she has been developing a range of projects in Japan, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

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