Photo: Shuhei Fuchino

low flying, if possible

studio KUDOH

2.6 Thu 20:00
2.7 Fri 13:00/20:00
2.8 Sat 13:00/18:00
2.9 Sun 13:00/18:00

Adv ¥2,500
Student Adv ¥2,000
Door ¥3,000
Student Door ¥2,500

TPAM Registrant Benefit: ¥1,000 (not available on the days)

BUILDING’s fourth full performance, low flying, if possible, is a new dance performance of the sports-minded dance company. Moving the body seriously, we show energetic, ridiculous and real dance of young people who live the present. Rather than see it as in the theatre, we want you to feel it physically. Animally and humanly, closely and distantly. If possible. It is OK to fly low — we affirm it.

English synopsis provided

Contact: BUILDING 080-3066-8739 / Email


Photo: Shun Furusawa


The sports-minded dance company BUILDING dance in knickerbockers (that construction workers wear in Japan) with a motto “All one’s energies and overwhelming force!” led by Saki Kato. All the member dancers and actors are taller than 170 centimeters, and they dance energetically beyond genders. Their performances are full of words of oath that are cried out, physical movements in full force and high-speed dance.

• Registration for TPAM is required to receive the benefit.

• Please make reservations via an online form, to which we invite you after your registration. Availability is limited.

• Please bring your TPAM Pass to the venue (or tell your registration ID) and make the payment there on the day of performance.