Photo: Ryuji Miyamoto

Happy Days

Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse Number 1, 3F Hall

2.14 Fri 19:30
2.15 Sat 15:00
2.16 Sun 15:00

Adv ¥4,000
Door ¥4,500
Student ¥2,500
Under 18 ¥1,000

TPAM Registrant Benefit: ¥3,000

Happy Days is one of Samuel Beckett’s best-known plays. Artist Teppei Kaneuji designed this scenic art which looks like a mountain, where the lead actress (Tomoko Ando) continues talking earnestly whilst appears as if she were being buried in it. Kaneuji is known for his collage technique by pouring plaster or resin over everyday items after they are dismantled. Why does she keep talking in this condition where she is stuck and cannot move? Why is she buried in the mountain? This masterpiece by Beckett is reborn through a new translation, new interpretation and with a new stage setting.

Subtitled in English

Contact: ARICA 050-2036-2070 / Email


Director: Yasuki Fujita
Photo: Ryuji Miyamoto


ARICA was formed in 2001 by artistic director Yasuki Fujita , poet and critic Shino Kuraishi (in charge of textual concepts), and actress Tomoko Ando, former member of the theater company Tenkei Gekijo led by Shogo Ota. Together they have wowed audiences through their collaborations with creative people from all artistic pursuits, in performances that go far beyond theater and dance to incorporate the creativity of all genres, from visual art, music to architecture and design. Ando won the prize of Best Solo Performance at The Cairo International Festival for Experimental Theatre 2005.

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