Kaiji Moriyama

Kaiji Moriyama
Photo: Sadato Ishizuka

ARCHITANZ 2014 February

New National Theatre, Tokyo, PLAYHOUSE

2.11 Tue 19:15
2.12 Wed 19:15

S Seat¥7,800
A Seat¥6,800
Pair (S seats only) ¥14,000

TPAM Registrant Benefit: ¥7,000

• Superb duets by Robert Tewsley and Hana Sakai
“Bedroom pas de deux” from Manon, Act1, Scene 2
Choreographed by Kenneth MacMillan, music by Jules Massenet
“Firebird pas de deux”
choreographed by Marco Goecke, music by Igor Stravinsky

• Kaiji Moriyama’s new achievement between Noh and Gamelan!
Choreographed and scenographed by Kaiji Moriyama, performed by Kaiji Moriyama and Reijiro Tsumura, music by Dewa Ketut Alit

• The latest work of Alessio Silvestrin created with auditioned dancers!
Opus 131
Choreographed by Alessio Silvestrin, performed by 17 dancers including Yuichiro Yokozeki, Yi Song, Ayuko Kaneta, Mio Kondo

Contact: ARCHITANZ 03-5730-2732 / Email





ARCHITANZ invites world-class teachers and holds ballet classes, and although based on ballet, has been broadening its horizon to contemporary dance and Japanese traditional performing arts aiming to extensively contribute to the development of dance culture. “ARCHITANZ 2014” is a program that cannot be experienced anywhere else and is unique to ARCHITANZ, where a variety of artists gather. You can witness the best works and dancers in the world in a single night.

• Registration for TPAM is required to receive the benefit.

• Please make reservations via an online form, to which we invite you after your registration. Availability is limited.

• Please bring your TPAM Pass to the venue (or tell your registration ID) and make the payment there on the day of performance.