Sioned Huws

Aomori, Aomori (2011)

Aomori, Aomori

Kanagawa Arts Theatre, Large Studio

2.13 Thu 16:30
2.14 Fri 16:30

Aomori Project is a long-term work-in-progress project since 2008 in which the Welsh choreographer / dancer Sioned Huws and dancers and musicians of Aomori, the northernmost prefecture on the main island of Japan, have been working together. Based on residence and creation in Aomori, they build space and landscape every year through workshops with people of various places and regions. Their new initiative in 2013 was research and co-creation in Aomori and two quake-hit cities: Rikuzentakata and Iwaki. The dance becomes a record and remembrance of their encounters with people and landscapes.

Double bill with About Dances in Shin-Nagata by Jun Tsutsui + Dancing People in Shin-Nagata

Concept and Choreography: Sioned Huws
Co-choreographers and performers: Yoshiya Ishikawa (Tsugaru-teodori dancer, Ishikawa School), Reina Kimura, Elena Jacinta, Agnese Lanza, Taz Burns
Samisen and Minyo: Hasegawa Sangen-kai (Yuji Hasegawa [Director, Hasegawa Sangen-kai], Yuso Hasegawa, Yushin Hasegawa), Kiyoko Goto (Tsugaru Minyo singer)

Co-organized by: Reminiscent Future Creation Residence Project 2013 (Reminiscent Future Creation Corporation), ARTizan (Aomori), Karada Tsukuru Asobu Project (Iwaki)
Supported by: The Agency for Cultural Affairs Government of Japan in the fiscal 2013, Wales Arts International, Arts Council of Wales, Welsh Government, British Council
Endorsed by: Aomori Contemporary Art Centre, Aomori Public University
Cooperated by: Field of Art Produce and Museum Studies, Joshibi University of Art and Design

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Sioned Huws


Sioned Huws

Dancer / choreographer. Born in 1965 in Wales. Currently Based in London. Studied at Merce Cunningham Studio (New York) from 1988 to 1990, and her solo choreographic activities began; she has took part in a number of performances and residencies in and outside the U.K. The Aomori Project started in 2008 and has constantly been developing; after their participation in TPAM Showcase in 2011, it was presented at gDA (London) and Chapter (Cardiff, Wales), in 2012 at da:ns festival 2012 (Singapore), and in 2013 at E45 Napoli Fringe Festival and Fabbrica Europa (Florence).