We apologize to inform you


We apologize to inform you

In Kanagawa Arts Theatre, BankART Studio NYK 2F

“We apologize to inform you: It is a mistake.”
Kanagawa Arts Theatre, the lobby of Large Studio
2.13 Thu, around 17:30*

“We apologize to inform you: It should be forgotten.”
BankART Studio NYK 2F
2.14 Fri 11:30–16:00 (free to enter / exit, includes intervals)

“We apologize to inform you: It is still a mistake.”
Kanagawa Arts Theatre, the lobby of Large Studio
2.14 Fri, around 17:30*

“We apologize to inform you: It is the only thing that you can do.”
Kanagawa Arts Theatre, Atrium
2.15 Sat 18:30–20:00** (free to enter / exit)

*Approximately during the intermission between About Dances in Shin-Nagata and Aomori, Aomori (Kanagawa Arts Theatre, Large Studio)
**Audiences of (Off) Stage / Masterclass (Kanagawa Arts Theatre, Hall) can see this performance subsequently

Admission free, reservation not required

The performing artwork had been shown on Zhu Jia Jiao Contemporary Art exhibition in the beautiful old town in Shanghai. The performance is separated by two parts, which totally take 8 hours: the first part “Sleeping Lunch,” the second part “Misrepresentation.” New version in TPAM will develop the second part “Misrepresentation” to connect with the city of Yokohama to build up a communication bridge. Trace and disappearance are the key points of the two artists to show their art philosophy.

Performance: Xiao Ke × Zhou Zi Han
Live Music: Zi Han
Photography: Li Zhen, Yang Ge

Organized by: Performing Arts Meeting in Yokohama 2014 Executive Committee

Xiao Ke


Xiao Ke

Xiao Ke’s works have been invited and shown in Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, France, Austria, Norway, Singapore, Switzerland, UK and Ireland etc. In recent years, as an independent artist, Xiao Ke has been pioneering the road for performing art as well social theater which speaks a lot closely about the reality in today’s China, and the artistic forms are various, no longer limited within the theater.

Zi Han


Zhou Zi Han

Zi Han keeps moving forward engaging in comprehensive visual art and live music for theater performance. His works include photography, video, contemporary art and sound. The collaborative works with Xiao Ke involve photography, video, live art and installation that focus on personal body exploring the extreme of expression under the public context in China.