Performing Arts Meeting in Yokohama February 9 (Sat) - 17 (Sun)

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Networking Program

TPAM in Yokohama 2013は、9日間の開かれたネットワーキング機会です。舞台芸術の制作をめぐる諸問題に共に取り組み、アイデアを更新し、創造的活動を可能にするため、ネットワークは以前にも増して重要になっています。TPAMでは、会場の間を移動する時間、パフォーマンスを観る前や後の時間、ランチやディナー、それら全てを出会いの機会として活用していただきたいと考えていますが、同時に、より効率的で密度の高い情報共有とコミュニケーションを促進するため、時間と場所を特定してのネットワーキング・プログラムをご用意しています。スタンド出展形式での活動紹介、対面型のミーティング、トピックを絞った同時通訳つきディスカッションなど、さまざまな参加形態があります。

TPAM in Yokohama 2013 is a nine-day opportunity for open networking. In order to work on issues surrounding performing arts, to renew ideas and to make creative activities feasible, network is even more important than before. TPAM expects participants to use walks between venues, time before and after a performance, lunch and dinner and all these opportunities for networking, but also organizes networking programs for which time and places are specified to facilitate efficient and intense information exchange and communication. There are a variety of participation styles: presentation of activities in the form of exhibition at a counter, one-on-one meetings, discussions on specific topics with simultaneous interpretation, etc.



  • 映像プレゼンテーション
  • グループ・ミーティング
  • スタンド出展

TPAM Exchange

TPAM Exchange is a program for helping you broaden network by introducing your activities, works and projects to TPAM participants.
  • Video Presentation
  • Group Meeting
  • Stand Exhibition
Speed Networking

Speed Networking

One-on-one meetings on request with Japanese and international presenters such as persons in charge of programming for theaters or festival directors.


• TPAM Direction Directors’ Talk   • On the “Creative Europe Program 2014–2020”   • Dialogue with the Director Norimizu Ameya   • Spaces that Reflect “the World” through “Art” — Activities of Unique Museums and Art Centers


Intended for all the programmers attending TPAM in Yokohama, the Ice-breakers bring together artistic teams that are to the forefront of the European scene.
Joint ProjectFor the Establishment of Open Network for Performing Arts Management

Joint Project
For the Establishment of Open Network for Performing Arts Management

An assembly and related events for the establishment of “Open Network for Performing Arts Management,” a membership network that shall define and diffuse the social roles of contemporary performing arts.