TPAM in Yokohama 2012 (Performing Arts Meeting in Yokohama 2012)

Organized by: Performing Arts Meeting in Yokohama 2012 Executive Committee
(The Japan Foundation; Kanagawa Arts Foundation; Yokohama Arts Foundation; Japan Center, Pacific Basin Arts Communication)

TPAM Showcase

Performances shown in and around the TPAM period. Benefits are offered to Pass holders (conditions vary).

Exhibitor Registration

Price: ¥30,000 (deadline Jan 31)
You can register your own performance that is shown around the TPAM period in Yokohama and Tokyo areas as a TPAM Showcase program. We disseminate information about your performance with our brochures, booklet, website, email news and other media and distribute tickets to TPAM participants at the TPAM Information Desk during the TPAM period. Two 1-Week Passes included. Up to three Additional Passes available (¥4,500/person. We will guide how to purchase after your registration).

registration closed.

Setsuko Yamada (dance) × Claudine Drai (sculpture)


The body trembles, shivers, wavers and drifts collecting the sighs of paper, light, space, images that ephemerally drizzle.

Dates:Feb 10 (Fri) 19:30, 11 (Sat, holiday) 15:00/19:30, 12 (Sun) 15:00
Venue:Spiral Hall
Prices: Adv ¥3,500 / Door ¥4,000 / Student ¥2,500 *Available only at Kaibunsha and JCDN

Setsuko Yamada(dance) × Claudine Drai(sculpture)


Kannai Hall Contemporary Dance Series: Dance in Life Yokohama Vol.3
☞ (Looking forward to be in another place / TUISOKOMADE)

The first appearance in Yokohama of C/Ompany (“c slash”), formed by the high-profile dancers Shintaro Oue, Masahiro Yanagimoto and Shintaro Hirahara, with guest dancers from Sweden.

Flyer download (PDF)

Dates:Feb 10 (Fri) 19:30, 11 (Sat, holiday) 19:00, 12 (Sun) 19:00
Venue:Kannai Hall, Small Hall
Prices:Adv ¥3,000 / Door ¥3,500
TPAM Pass benefit:¥500 discount
Inquiry by email

Teita Iwabuchi


Teita Iwabuchi, a unique performer with a resilient and solid body, presents a new creation in collaboration with the musician Yoshio Ootani.

Flyer download (PDF)

Dates:Feb 10 (Fri) 20:00, 11 (Sat, holiday) 19:00, 12 (Sun) 15:00, 13 (Mon) 19:00
Venue:ST Spot
Prices:Adv ¥2,500 / Door ¥3,000
TPAM Pass benefit:¥1,000 *Availability limited, reservation needed
Inquiry by email

Makoto Nomura

Old People’s Home Remix #2
documentary opera “DANGO for the REVIVAL”

A new performance involving music, images, dance and photography that draws contemporary issues from the body of old people who tell the story of the revival in the post-war era.

Flyer download (PDF)

Dates:Feb 18 (Sat) 19:00, 19 (Sun) 14:00/18:00
Venue:ST Spot
Prices:Adv ¥2,500 / Adv student ¥2,000 / Door ¥3,000
Inquiry by email


The Room, Nobody Knows

The third and the newest creation at Hakobune, the company’s atelier that used to be a room in a condominium, after “Small Limbo Restaurant” (2004) and “Frustrating Picture Book for Adults” (2008) that was enthusiastically received in Europe. (Subtitled in English)

Flyer download (PDF)

Dates:Feb 10 (Fri) 20:00, 11 (Sat, holiday) 16:00/20:00, 12 (Sun) 14:00/18:00, 13 (Mon) 20:00, 15 (Wed) 20:00, 16 (Thu) 20:00, 17 (Fri) 20:00, 18 (Sat) 16:00/20:00, 19 (Sun) 14:00/18:00, 20 (Mon) 20:00, 22 (Wed) 20:00, 23 (Thu) 20:00, 24 (Fri) 20:00, 25 (Sat) 16:00/20:00, 26 (Sun) 14:00
Venue:Hakobune (access information is provided at reservation)
Prices:Adv ¥2,500 / Door ¥2,800
TPAM Pass benefit:¥500 discount
Inquiry by email


pink elephant show

The Japanese girls’ entertainment group presents a show that depicts how a girl who cannot say “Thank you” recovers feeling of gratitude. Experience their unique and vivid world and daring physical expression!

Dates:Feb 11 (Sat, holiday) 14:00, 18 (Sat) 14:00
*Since this is a lunch show, please come at 13:00 - 13:30.
Venue:A・F・R Yokohama
Price:Table charge ¥1,000 + one drink (from ¥315) + one food (from ¥315)
TPAM Pass benefit:No table charge

Inquiry by email


《For a New Inn》
《Self-government: Nagoya》

A set of performative obligations that can be applied to any circumstance of daily life is drawn out from a single line of performance text: “What is good?” It is accompanied by a performative time and space that serves to answer to these “obligations.” People can come and go as they please. (English document provided)

Dates:Feb 11 (Sat, holiday) 19:00-21:00*, 12 (Sun) 19:00-21:00*, 18 (Sat) 18:00-18:40**/19:00-21:00*, 19 (Sun) 17:00-19:00*
*《For a New Inn》
**《Self-government: Nagoya》
(A bilingual booklet on directing sold at the venue)
TPAM Pass benefit:¥1,000
Inquiry by email


After The Feigned Atomic Party

3/11—the reason why KOH-TOH-SHI, the artistic director of the company, “revives” Rashomon. Don’t miss the space created in a temple through collaboration between KOH-TOH-SHI’s lyrical verse and Kaoru Osanai’s music.

Flyer download (PDF)

Dates:Feb 15 (Wed) 19:00, 16 (Thu) 19:00, 17 (Fri) 14:00/19:00, 18 (Sat) 14:00/19:00, 19 (Sun) 13:00/17:00
Prices:Adv, door ¥3,500 / Student ¥3,500 *ID needed / Repeater ¥2,000 *ticket stab needed
TPAM Pass benefit:¥2,500
Inquiry by email


Josef Nadj & Akosh S.

Les Corbeaux

A solo performance by Josef Nadj with all his might, in collaboration with the spirited jazz musician Akosh Szelevenyi.

Flyer download (PDF)

Dates: Feb 15 (Wed) 19:30, 16 (Thu) 19:30*, 17 (Fri) 19:30
*With post-performance talk
Venue:Setagaya Public Theatre
Prices:Adult ¥4,300 / Pair ¥7,000 *Adv only / Setagaya Ward inhabitant ¥4,000 / High school student and younger ¥2,150 *Available only at Setagaya Public Theatre Ticket Center, ID needed / Other membership discounts offered
TPAM Pass benefit: ¥3,500 *Reservation needed. Reservation can be made at TPAM Information Desk.

TPAM Information Desk
Yokohama Creativecity Center (YCC) 1F
Feb 13 (Mon) 12:00-20:00, Feb 14 (Tue) - 19 (Sun) 9:30-20:00
TEL: 080-4407-1131 (only during the period specified above)


Fig Cinema (Program A)
Maneater VS Dandyism (Program B)

Surrealistic art theatre wrapped in the “beauty” generated from the absurd receptacle called “women” and resonating with rose-colored eroticism.

Dates:Feb 16 (Thu) 20:45A, 17 (Fri) 19:30A, 18 (Sat) 15:30B/19:30A, 19 (Sun) 15:00B
Venue:BankART Studio NYK, 3C Gallery
Prices:Adv ¥2,800 / Student adv ¥2,500 / Door ¥3,000 / Student door ¥2,700 / ¥500 discount for holders of the ticket stub of either 86B210 or Bigakko
TPAM Pass benefit:¥1,000
Inquiry by email

86B210 + Kaori Fukushima (Ceramic Art)

Till Human Voices Wake us, and We Drown—Scream and Silence, a Collaboration of Dance and Ceramic Art

“To prepare a face to meet the faces that you meet”—an exhibition for contemplation and performance for experience inspired by the phrase by T.S. Eliot.

Flyer download (PDF)

Dates:Feb 16 (Thu) 19:30, 17 (Fri) 20:45, 18 (Sat) 14:00/18:00, 19 (Sun) 17:00
*Ceramic art exhibition opens at 11:30 everyday. *see the schedule page. Admission free.
Venue:BankART Studio NYK, 3B Gallery
Prices:Adv ¥3,000 / Door ¥3,500 / ¥500 discount for holders of the ticket stub of either Haikara or Bigakko
TPAM Pass benefit:¥1,500
Inquiry by email

Mayako Okura, Non Tamura, Yuriko (Program A)
La Vie, Ritsuko Takahashi, Yokosuberi Nana (Program B)

Adoring for Crystallization—A Biggako Selection of Solo Butoh Dances I

An attempt to introduce several prospective young butoh dancers at once. Each performs an approximately 40-minute solo dance.

Flyer download (PDF)

Dates:Feb 16 (Thu) 19:30A, 17 (Fri) 19:30B, 18 (Sat) 15:00B/19:30A, 19 (Sun) 14:00B/18:30A
Venue:BankART Studio NYK, NYK Hall
Prices:Reservation ¥2,500 / Door ¥3,000 / A+B ticket ¥4,000 / ¥500 discount for holders of the ticket stub of either 86B210 or Haikara
TPAM Pass benefit:¥500
Inquiry by email


Anton, Neko, Kuri

A “polyphonic” super-masterpiece that consists of three parts: a performance, the performance with commentary by special guests, and a party. (Subtitled in English)


Flyer download (PDF)

Dates:Feb 16 (Thu) 19:00, 17 (Fri) 19:00, 18 (Sat) 19:00, 19 (Sun) 19:00, 20 (Mon) 18:00
Venue:nitehi works
Prices:Adv ¥2,800 / Door ¥3,000
Inquiry by email

Mika Kurosawa “Bara-no-Hito Club”

The Rose Man
Letter from an Uncle (Program A)
Letter from an Uncle—debut (Program B, new creation)

The first duo pieces in the solo dance series “The Rose Man” of Mika Kurosawa, who has been working hard to be indolent, by two dancers in their 50s: Kurosawa and Naomi Uehara. The 2010 version and a new creation are presented.

Flyer download (PDF)

Dates:Feb 17 (Fri) 19:30A, 18 (Sat) 15:00A, 19 (Sun) 18:00B, 20 (Mon) 19:30B
Prices:Adv ¥3,500 / Adv student ¥2,500 / Door ¥4,000 / Door student ¥3,000 / A+B ticket ¥5,500 *30 sets, dates designated, adv only
TPAM Pass benefit:¥3,000 *Availability limited, reservation needed
Inquiry by email


Capacity of the Queen

A new creation by Sample that seamlessly and oddly drives the fragments of the impure and mythical world depicted by Shu Matsui. (Subtitled in English on Feb 17, 18 and 19)

Flyer download (PDF)

Dates:Feb 17 (Fri) 19:30**, 18 (Sat) 19:00**, 19 (Sun) 14:30**, 21 (Tue) 19:30*, 22 (Wed) 14:30*/19:30, 23 (Thu) 19:30, 24 (Fri) 19:30, 25 (Sat) 14:30/19:30, 26 (Sun) 14:30
**subtitled in English and with post-performance discussion
*with post-performance discussion
Venue:Kawasaki Art Center Artelio Theater
Prices:Adult ¥3,500 / Youth ¥3,000 *under 27 years old, ID needed / High-school student and younger ¥2,000 *ID needed

Minori NAGAI / AAPA (Away At Performing Arts)

Walking in the Sea

A dance piece with live music based on the movements that have been generated as if tracing the landscapes of AAPA’s outdoor performances.

Flyer download (PDF)

Date:Feb 18 (Sat) 15:00/19:00
Venue:Kagurazaka Session House (Session House Program, Dzone Relay)
Prices:Adult ¥3,000 / Student ¥2,000
TPAM Pass benefit:¥2,000
Inquiry by email

Batarita Dance Company


Flyer download (jpeg)

Batarita’s works are strongly connected to Asian culture, and within particularly to butoh. She has been learning butoh from Yoshito OHNO, Carlotta IKEDA and Ko MUROBUSHI masters.

Dates:Feb 18 (Sat) 21:30, 19 (Sun) 20:00
TPAM Pass benefit:¥1,000
Inquiry by email
045-664-3917 (GALERIE PARIS)

JOU (Odorujou), Ko Ishikawa, Mitsuaki Matsumoto

Special Live—music and dance@Reversible Destiny Lofts MITAKA

The 4th “music and dance live at Reversible Destiny Lofts MITAKA” performed by JOU (dance), Ko Ishikawa (sho/japanese traditional mouth organ) and Mitsuaki Matsumoto (bandneon and electro).

Date:February 19 (Sun) 17:00
Venue:Reversible Destiny Lofts MITAKA
Prices:Adv ¥2,800 / Door ¥3,300 (one drink served)
Inquiry by email



akubi to kaze no iryoku

The Yokohama version of akubi to kaze no iryoku (written by Hiromi Sumi), newly directed by Toshihiko Kashiwagi, the director who won the excellence award at the Yound Director Concour 2011.

Flyer download (PDF)

Dates:Feb 29 (Wed) 19:30*, Mar 1 (Thu) 19:30**, 2 (Fri) 14:00*/19:30, 3 (Sat) 14:00/19:00**, 4 (Sun) 14:00
*Admission discounted (¥2,500)
**With post-performance talk
Venue:Sotetsu Honda Theatre
Prices:Adv ¥2,800 / Door ¥3,000 / University Student ¥2,500 *ID needed / High school student ¥1,500 *ID needed
TPAM Pass benefit:¥300 off (not applicable together with other discounts)
Inquiry by email



One Hundred Years of Snow

The latest work by Sachio Yanai, whose previous play Hana to Sakana won the 17th Japan Playwrights Association New Playwrights Award. A sci-fi chronicle about 100 years of love and hate in a family that engage in aircraft and space development.

Dates:Feb 23 (Thu) 19:30, 24 (Fri) 15:00/19:30, 25 (Sat) 14:00/18:30, 26 (Sun) 14:00/18:30, 27 (Mon) 15:00
Venue:Oji Shogekijo
Prices:Adv ¥3,000 / Door ¥3,300 / Repeater ¥2,500 (ticket stab needed) / Student ¥2,500 (ID and reservation needed, payment at door)
TPAM Pass benefit:¥2,500 (reservation needed)
Inquiry by email


fonte project

Bio Topos

A joyful and fantastic performance created through materializing performers’ ideas and images on each project.

Flyer download (PDF)

Dates:Mar 3 (Sat) 14:00/19:00, 4 (Sun) 15:00
Venue:Noge Schale (Yokohama Nigiwai-za)
Prices:Adv ¥3,000 / Door ¥3,500

fonte project