Booth Presentation

Domestic and international entries will exhibit in the trade section.

● March 2nd [Thu] 13:00-16:00
● March 3rd [Wed] 13:00-17:00
● March 4th [Thurs] 12:30-15:30
● Exhibition Gallery, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space (5F)

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[Caution]Timetabe for "Melanie Wilson&Tim Crouch" changed.
New time table: March 4th [Thu] 14:00~16:30 / Theater [medium], Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space

・ Registrants as of February.


[Booth No44.]Dance Company BABY-Q

The company artistic director is Yoko HIGASHINO. It’s beginning in 2000.
The BABY-Q is a multimedia performance group that works collaboratively with dancers, actors, musicians, visual artists, robot designers and other artists. It’s evaluated by not only the field of performing arts but also the sub-cultural and contemporary music field.
The BABY-Q is expanding its field of activities globally, was invited to the art festivals in the United States, Mexico, Cuba, France, Italy, Singapore, Korea and so on.
Repertories;“ALARM!” (2004),“GEEEEEK” (2006) , “I am aroused” (2008) , “VACUUM ZONE” (2008) and “[Rhizome] M” (2009)…etc

Organization: BABY-Q Lab.
Representative: Ms. HIGASHINO YOKO (artistic director, choreographer and dancer)
Contact: Ms. SHIMIZU SACHIYO (Producer, BABY-Q Lab.)


[Booth No.4]DAZZLE

“They do belong and do not belong…to any category, and their ambiguity is blinking” is their slogan. A dance company that creates fulfilled performance with their originality and worldview combined, where can be found nowhere…Their style is a combination of street dance and contemporary dance…and their original dance style is the only one in the world...They will continue to grow not only by dance but by adopting many factors of Japanese culture such as art, music literature, movie, comic and game. They continue to aim the development of new dance entertainment originated in Japan.

See also Visual Presentation(2nd, March)
Studio Showing :15:00-16:00, 2nd March. @Rehaersal Space B2Floor, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space.

Organization: DAZZLE
Representative: Mr. HASEGAWA Tatsuya (Leader)
Contact: Mr. IIZUKA Koichiro (Producer) / Ms. YANABE Tomoko (Manager) / Mr. KAZUHIKO Miyagawa (Manager) / Ms. YAMASHIRO Michino (Manager) / Mr. KANEDA Takehiro (Manager)


[Booth No.35]Independent Artists Japan

The Independent Artists Japan File introduces Artists who have been working in Japan, or in the world independently, or alternatively. Main Filed is Contemporary dance performance, Contemporary dance, Performing arts.

*Studio Showing : 13:00-14:00, 2nd March
13:00-14:00, 3rd March: TAKEMOTO Kazco Dance Showing
14:40-15:10, 3rd March: TAKEMOTO Kazco&SHIBATA Emi Dacne Showing
15:10-16:30, 3rd March: Jou&Sato Endo Dance Workshop

@Rehaersal Space B2Floor, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space. Free to TPAM Pass holder & no reservation needed.

See also Visual Presentation: Mr. ISHIYAMA Yuzo Ms. ENDO Sato

Organization: Independent Artists Japan
Participants: Ms. TAKEMOTO Kazco (Dancer / Choreographer, DANCE VENUS) / Mr. MATSUMOTO Taiju (Choreographer / Dancer) / Ms. Anna (Choreographer / Dancer, Studio Dansage) / Mr. OKANIWA Hideyuki (Director/ Dancer, KAIZA) / Ms. KONAI Miho (Director, NR6) / Mr. KANEMORI Masayuki (Dancer) / Ms. KINO Saiko (Choreographer / Dancer) / Ms. SHIBATA Emi (Choreographer / Dancer, PICK.LE) / Ms. OKUDA Junko (Choreographer / Dancer) / Mr. ISHIYAMA Yuzo (Director, Yuzo Ishiyama/A.P.I.) / Ms. UEMURA Naoka (Choreographer / Dancer) / Mr. KASAI Mitsutake (Choreographer / Dancer) / Ms. ENDO Sato (Choreographer / Performance Artist)/ Ms. JOU (Performance Artist / Director, Odorujou)


[Booth No.31]LIB - Liaison of International Butoh

LIB's mission is to make the worldwide network among the butoh dancers/groups, organizations and researchers as well as to collect and present the archival materials. It started in 2006 in cooperation with the Tatsumi Hijikata's Asbesto Theater and Kazuo Ohno Dance Studio. Since then LIB presented various butoh performances, exhibitions, conference and workshops internationally.

*Yoshito Ohno Butoh Workshop: 17:00-19:00, 3rd March@Rehaersal Space B2Floor, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space.

Organization: LIB - Liaison of International Butoh
Representative: Mr. MORISHITA Takashi (Representative)
Contact: Mr. MORISHITA Toshio (Board member)


[Booth No.44]Yukio Suzuki: dance company KINGYO

Yukio Suzuki started Butoh at Asbestos Studio in 1997. He performed in works by artists and companies such as Ko Murobushi and Tsuyoshi Shirai. He started his company “KINGYO” in 2000. By putting desperate bodies onto stage, the documentary touch of Suzuki’s direction and choreography has gained high attention. In 2008, he was awarded “Choreographer of the Next Generation (Grand-prix)” Award at Toyota Choreography Award 2008.And he participated in Yokohama Triennale, Dance Triennale Tokyo 2009, Hong Kong Art Festival and so on.

*Studio Showing : 11:30-12:00, 2nd March & 14:10-14:40, 3rd March. @Rehaersal Space B2Floor, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space.

Organization: dance company KINGYO
Representative: Mr. SUZUKI Yukio (Dancer・Choreographer)
Contact: Mr. SUZUKI Yukio (Dancer・Choreographer) / Ms. ASHIMINE Nao (Dancer・manager) / Ms. WAKANA Kato (Dancer)



[Booth No.19]Agora Planning,.ltd./Seinendan Theater Company

Seinendan, a theater company formed by Oriza Hirata in 1983 have been pursuing a new theatrical style through the practice of Hirata's "contemporary colloquial theater theory."We are one of the biggest theater companies in Japan with more than 100 members, presenting both new works and repertoires of Hirata inside and outside of Japan every year, as well as introducing the directors in next generation and promoting the work shop.

Organization: Agora Planning,.ltd./Seinendan Theater Company
Representative: Mr. HIRATA Oriza (Playwright, Director, Professor of Osaka University)
Contact: Ms. NISHIYAMA Yoko (International Communication, Administration)


[Booth No.14]d'UOMO ex machina + COLLOL

Years ago two artists born in 1975 met in the University of Tokyo; both have serious anxiety toward the present situation of Theater. TAGUCHI Ayako trained herself as a actor and dancer and studied the technic of playwright, have established the company COLLOL; KAKUMOTO Atsushi studied European history of relation between theater and political philosophy and also presented his works as a visual and sound artist, have established the company d'UOMO ex machina. Two company have an artistic aim in common which is achieved through serious rereading and reconstruction of classical texts and subtle recognition of structure of human body.

See also TPAM Showcase
*Workshop : 12:00-13:00, 4th March. @Rehaersal Space B2Floor, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space.

Organization: d'UOMO ex machina + COLLOL
Representative: Ms. TAGUCHI Ayako (Representative, COLLOL)
Contact: Ms. TAGUCHI Ayako (Representative, COLLOL) / Mr. KAKUMOTO Atsushi (Artistic Director, d'UOMO ex machina) / Ms. KAWAAI Megumi (Costume & Visual Designer, d'UOMO ex machina)


[Booth No.29]GOTANNDADAN Production management

Gotanndadan is the company established in 1997 by Shiro Maeda. His formidable play has delivered highly unique time and space to the audience, and has invited affinity of emotions among them. His work as a playwright, director and novelist bypasses reality and illusion audaciously, and adds one of the most distinctive talent as a kingpin. His interest always lies in life and death, while adores and depicts things and the world as the way they are. One of his tremendous play called “Suteru Tabi” achieved great success in Japan and at “Kunstenfestivaldesarts” in Brussels in 2009.

Organization: GOTANNDADAN
Representative: Mr. MAEDA SHIRO (Company Leader/Playwright/Director)
Contact: Ms. OHARA AYA (Production management, GOTANNDADAN Production management)


[Booth No.2]momoirozousan

A theatre unit that creates entertaining shows with powerful performance and physical expression under the slogan "colorful, pop, entertainment!". With the gorgeous aesthetics, it tells stories that are cute and a little erotic making you want to laugh, cry, and fall in love with someone. The unit has been active not only at theaters but also presenting spectacular and intense "revue shows" in various events held at stage restaurants and amusement parks in Tokyo.

Organization: momoirozousan
Representative: Ms. TAKASIMA Himeno (Producer/Art Director)
Contact: Ms. TAKASIMA Himeno (Producer/Art Director, momoirozousan) / Ms. NARA Hikari (Actor/Design, momoirozousan) / Ms. FANTA (Actor, momoirozousan)



formed in 2003 to perform both original and existing scripts, under the direction of Yudai Kamisato. Kamisato has won the Best Director Award in Toga Director Contest, for directing "Desire Caught by the Tail" (written by Pablo Picasso) .

See also TPAM showcase

Representative: Mr. KAMISATO Yudai (Director / Playwright)
Contact: Mr. KAMISATO Yudai (President/Director and Playwright) / Ms. TERADA CHIAKI Chiaki (Producer) / Mr. OKAZAKI Tatsuo (Producer)


[Booth No.13]Theater Company Gustaf

The company celebrates the 15th year since its establishment. It performed Strindberg's masterpiece "Froken Jurie" in 1995, and the performance was well received. In celebration of this, the Ambassador of Sweden in Tokyo at that time gave the name of His Majesty Carl XVI Gustaf, the present King of Sweden, to the company and it was renamed "Theatrical company 'GUSTAF'".
The company performed at the Embassy of Sweden Tokyo in 1996. It was the first Japanese theatre company that performed there. Since then, it has been performing once a year at the Embassy of Sweden Tokyo as an annual event.

Organization: Theatrical company "GUSTAF"
Representative: Ms. MOURI Mako (Representative)
Contact: Ms. MOURI Mako (Actress) / Mr. KAKAE Haruhiko (Stage Director, Production part) / Ms. WATANABE Saki (Actress)



[Booth No.46]Deliciousweets

Singing, Dancing, Playing skits and magic, all in music all in fashion! Already 10 years of unclassifiable "Coquette-Show" entertainment. Beyond genre and supported by all generation, our 12 members troupe perform freely in freak shows, cabaret, outdoor tent shows, nursing facilities, hot spring spa resort, and live house. Always on the road all around the country creating a unique and nostalgic world.

Organization: Deliciousweets
Representative: Ms. CHAAMAR Heidy (Leader)
Contact: Ms. CHAAMAR Heidy (Leader) / Ms. SATO Fukurou (M.C. / Actress /Singer & Dancer) / Ms. KOTORI (Singer & Dancer)


[Booth No.48]SHIDARA

Hand in hand, we dance in whole-hearted celebration of life and Japanese traditional art! SHIDARA resides in Aichi prefecture, in the forest village Toei. Established in 1990, in 2002, SHIDARA entered the Tokyo 1st International Taiko Contest and took the championship. Hallmarks of SHIDARA's performance include breakneck speed, precision and power, plus a devotion to dance, based on the ancient harvest festival, Hana Matsuri deemed Japan's National Treasure. Combining these, SHIDARA meets high acclaim on stages throughout Japan and beyond.2009 hails SHIDARA's 20th anniversary year, affirming their commitment to spread world-wide, a power of life through sound.

Organization: SHIDARA
Representative: Ms. NISHITANI Mayumi (Director)
Contact: Ms. KANO Chisato (Managing Director, the general affairs department) / Ms. KOBAYASHI Jyunko (General Affairs Department)


[Booth No.49]Shuichi HIDANO with HIT's

Since 2005 HIT's Co., Ltd, headed by world famous contemporary Taiko drummer Shuichi Hidano, has planned and produced international musical events such as the Aichi and Hannover Expo, the Japan-China Friendship event and a collaboration performance for the presentation ceremony for The First Hideyo Noguchi Africa Prize. HIT's clients are able to choose from a wide range of musical genres from Japanese traditional music to Jazz or even Rock and Classic and call upon the combined talents of such renowned session musicians as Akira Jimbo or Mickie Yoshino, of Godiego fame.

Organization: HIT's Co.,Ltd
Representative: Mr. HIDANO Shuichi (President / Producer)
Contact: Mr. HIDANO Shuichi (President / Producer, Head office) / Ms. ASANO Kayo (Assistant Producer, Production Department)


Festival Art Market

[Booth No.37]Aichi Triennale 2010

Aichi Triennale 2010 will be inaugurated from Aug. 21 to Oct 31, 2010. This event will be held at Aichi Arts Center and other venues in Aichi. Aichi Triennale 2010 will feature not only contemporary art exhibition, but also leading performing arts. Currently, performances by Rosas, Jan Fabre, Nibroll, chelfitsch, Oriza Hirata+Ishiguro Laboratory (Osaka University) are scheduled to be presented.

Organization: Aichi Triennale Organizing Committee
Representative: Mr. KANDA Masaaki (Chairman)
Contact: Ms. YAMAGUCHI Chieko (Assistant Director, Aichi Triennale Office) / Ms. KARATSU Eri (Curator of Performing Arts, Aichi Triennale Office) / Ms. YAMAGUCHI kako (Assistant Curator of Performing Arts, Aichi Triennale Office)


[Booth No.15]Able Art On Stage

Able Art Onstage is an art project to creating unique and innovative performing art expressions and productions, providing arena to persons with disabilities and artists challenging new expressional approaches, to meet and collaborate.

Organization: Able Art Japan
Representative: Mr. OHTA Yoshiyasu (Secretary-general)
Contact: Ms. YAMAGUCHI rika (Secretary-general) / Ms. YOSHINO Satsuki (Workshop Coordinator/Arts Manager) / Ms. YAMADA Noriko (Production Manager)


[Booth No.38]Festival/Tokyo

Festival/Tokyo (F/T) is an international performing arts festival spanning a number of Tokyo’s cultural centers. Its main venue is the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space located in Ikebukuro. The festival aims to create and present cutting-edge works of performing arts by inviting or commissioning both nationally and internationally acclaimed artists to create works for the festival.

Organization: Festival/Tokyo Executive Committee
Representative: Ms. SOMA Chiaki (Program Director)
Contact: Ms. KRAUTHEIM Ulrike (Staff, Production Coordinator) / Ms. NOZOKI Yumi (PR) / Ms. HASSEL-ISHIZUKA Tara (International PR)



[Booth No.36]Actio & Kitazawa Townhall & Seijo Hall

Kitazawa Townhall(294seats) and Seijo Hall(max397seats) in Setagaya ward are managed by Actio Corporation. Simokitazawa and Seijo have their own culture and are near metropolis. Therefore, these are popular for performers to have various kinds of performances. Actio Corporation organizes events with the unique performances and the popular programs packaged and provides them . Additionally, we would like to introduce about 70 public institutions to the performance companies or individuals who are looking for places to present their works.

Organization: Actio Corporation
Representative: Mr. UEYAMA Takashi (Manager)
Contact: Mr. TAKAISHI Naoki (staff, Kitazawa Townhall) / Ms. YAZAWA Tomomi (staff, Seijo Hall) / Ms. IHARA yukiko (staff, Kitazawa Townhall)


[Booth No.42]Aoyama Theatre, Aoyama Round Theatre / Spiral Hall

Aoyama Theatre (maximum capacity 1200 seats) and Aoyama Round Theatre (maximum capacity 376 seats), the first full-rounded open-space in Japan, produce theatre, dance and music performance and workshop as well as the own festivals called "Dance Triennale Tokyo" and "Tokyo Dance Today". Spiral is a multi-cultural facility established in order to bring together life and art. Spiral has been widely regarded not only as a sending and receiving base for latest cultural information, but also as a fountain of artistic creation.

Organization: Aoyama Theatre, Aoyama Round Theatre / Spiral, Wacoal Art Center
Representative: Mr. YOSHITAKE Tamiki (President, Aoyama Theatre and Aoyama Round Theatre) /
Mr. KOKURYO Masao (Managing Director, Spiral, Wacoal Art Center)

Contact: Mr. ONO Shinji (Producer, Aoyama Theatre and Aoyama Round Theatre) /
Mr. YARINOME Nobuo (Managing Director, Aoyama Theatre / Aoyama Round Theatre) /
Mr. KOBAYASHI Hiroyuki (Chief Producer, Arts and Events Division, Spiral Hall) /
Ms. MIYAKUBO Maki (Producer, Perfoming Arts, Arts and Events Division, Spiral Hall)
Website: (Aoyama Theatre, Aoyama Round Theatre)
Website: (Spiral Hall)


[Booth No.50]Fujimi Culture Hall KIRARI☆FUJIMI

Fujimi culture hall"Kirari☆Fujimi"was opened in Fujimi-city in 2002, wishing for citizens to be shined, "shiningly", which we say "kirari" in Japanese. The theater aims for the realization of "rich life and culture city" through the art & culture. As citizens are able to concern with administration, and also we introduced the art director system, we always attack the creation and the performance actively. A residential company"KIRALINK☆COMPANY"consisting of three companies of the young drama and dance companies move into action. Through these, we aim at the making of environment where artists and citizens and the theatre can be brought up each other by communicating with citizens positively.

Organization: Foundation Fujimi City facilities management public corporation
Representative: Mr. HAYASHI Shigetaro (Chairman of the board of directors)
Contact: Mr. YANO Satoshi (Leader, PIC, Fujimi Culture Hall KIRARI☆FUJIMI) / Ms. NAKAIDE Chihiro (PIC, Fujimi Culture Hall KIRARI☆FUJIMI) / Mr. YAMANOUCHI Hiroaki (PIC, Fujimi Culture Hall KIRARI☆FUJIMI)



The Shimane Arts Center, also known as “Grand Toit”, is a theater and museum complex that will mark the 5th anniversary in October this year. It acts as a place for creative activities where performing arts and fine arts stimulate each other. Iwami Art Theater has achieved a significant result especially in fostering such educational projects as “Iwami stage jyuku” or “Iwami kids jyuku” as well as its giving birth to the resident artist groups. Projects with pioneering approaches toward Japanese traditional music and creations based on Iwami Kagura have also been gathering nationwide attention.

Organization: Shimane Prefecture Foundation for Cultural Promotion
Representative: Mr. YAMASAKI Atsunori (IWAMI ARTS THEATER Artistic Drector)
Contact: Mr. ISHIKURA Shigeo (Chief Director) / Ms. KADOWAKI Haruka (Director) / Ms. TABARA Yuiko (Director)


[Booth No.27]Kanagawa Arts Theatre (2011 Open)

Kanagawa Arts Theatre is a new creation-promoting theater in Yamashita-cho, Yokohama City, of which opening in 2010 has been being prepared by Kanagawa Prefecture. With its middle-size hall with the maximum of 1,300 seats and large, medium, and small studios that can be used both as theaters and rehearsal spaces, it will be managed in unity with Kanagawa Kenmin Hall that is situated in the same neighborhood, actively promoting creations of performing arts such as theatre, musical and dance and developing exchanges with national and international theaters and companies.

Organization: Kanagawa Arts Foundation
Representative: Mr. KAWAMURA Tsuneaki (President)
Contact: Mr. KUMAI Kazunori (PR Section, Kanagawa Arts Theatre Preparatory Office) / Ms. MAEJIMA Tomoko (PR Section, Kanagawa Arts Theatre Preparatory Office) / Mr. MIYAZAKI Toshiki (Administoration Section, Kanagawa Arts Theatre Preparatory Office)


[Booth No.20]Setagaya Public Theatre

The main aims of the Public Theatre lie not only in presenting performances of good quality to the wide public but also in encouraging participation of the community. To realize the latter aim, the Theatre has a Literary & Education Unit, which is to organize various workshops for a variety of people and other activities, such as drama readings and lectures, to make the Theatre accessible and familiar to the general public. In Japan, it is still very unique for any theatre, from a professional theatre company to a publicly funded theatre venue, to have a special section for such activities.

Organization: Setagaya Arts Foundation
Representative: Ms. NAGAI Taeko (Director)
Contact: Mr. YAHAGI Masayoshi (Technical Department, Setagaya Public Theatre) /Ms. OKUYAMA Midori (General Producer, Setagaya Public Theatre) /Ms. YOSHIKANE Eri (Production Staff, Setagaya Public Theatre)



The Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space was opened in October 1990 by the Tokyo metropolitan government with the purpose of promoting the arts such as music, theatre, and dance among the citizens of Tokyo, and enhancing international cultural exchange. Facilities include a full-scale concert hall, a medium-sized theatre with a proscenium stage, and two smaller theatres, one with a free stage and another with a thrust stage. The Space also has conference rooms and an exhibition gallery. NODA Hideki assumed the position of Artistic Director of the Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre as of summer 2009.

Representative: Mr. FUKUCHI Shigeo (Executive Director)
Contact: Ms. IWANAGA Emi (General Producer, Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre) / Mr. TAMATSUKA Mitsuru (Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre) / Ms. FUKUNAGA Junko (Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre)


[Booth No.3]ZA-KOENJI Public Theatre / NPO Creative Theatre Network

ZA-KOENJI Public Theatre is a theatre for contemporary performing arts. The theatre is funded by the city of Suginami in Tokyo and managed by Creative Theatre Network, a non-profit organization. The theatre produces, presents and supports a wide range of cultural activities, enabling people of all ages to see and take part in many arts from drama and dance to music and storytelling. Director and playwright Makoto Sato, is the Artistic Director. His vision is for ZA-KOENJI to become a forum or Agora; a meeting point where the communities of Suginami can come together with local, national and international artists.

Organization: ZA-KOENJI Public Theatre/NPO Creative Theatre Network
Representative: Mr. SATO Makoto (Artistic Director)
Contact: Ms. NINOMIYA Sachiko (Production)


Production Companies / Agents

[Booth No.1]An Creative

AN Creative Inc. has been focusing on dance for thirteen years. As a production, we aim at global communications through dance, especially contemporary dance. We also work on international exchanges such as performances by invited international dance companies and dance showcases by Japanese artists. As an agent, we are engaged in a wide variety of business operations including production of performing arts events such as festivals, performances and symposiums as well as PR business. For Japanese companies that give performances overseas, we offer booking services.

See also TPAM showcase

Organization: An Creative
Representative: Ms. NAGATOSHI Mayumi (President)
Contact: Ms. TAKIMOTO Marie (-, An Creative) / Mr. KUSUHARA Tatsuya (Artistic Director, APE) / Ms. MARIKO Kimura (Company Manager, Dance Company Nomade~s)


[Booth No.]HI WOOD!

Founded in 1996. HIWOOD manages several dancers and their company activities for ITOH Kim (Glorious Future), KURODA Ikuyo (BATIK), ONODERA Shuji (Company derashinera), ENDA Makoto (Makotocluv) and MORISHITA Maki etc. Since 2000, HIWOOD has coordinated the dance programs presented by major arts foundations in Japan: Asahi Beer Arts Foundation and Saison Foundation. It also produces “Toyota Choreography Award” launched in 2001 to discover talented choreographers, as well as dance showcase programs abroad in NY, Paris and Rome to expand the understanding of Japanese contemporary dance.

Organization: HI WOOD
Representative: Mr. TAKAGI Koichiro (Producer)
Contact: Mr. TAKAGI Koichiro (Producer) / Ms. TSUCHIYA Ayako (Production Manager) / Ms. (Art Administrator)


[Booth No.26]Japan Performance/Art Institute

Established in 2008. A planning and producing institute that works with a unique point of view across the preexisting boundaries of genres such as contemporary dance, contemporary art, contemporary theatre, media art or music. Among its recent projects are "HARAJUKU PERFORMANCE+," "21st Century School" at 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa, "Lectures on Trans-Japan-Performance" at Biggako, "Blackout EXPO" as the opening performance for International Festival for Arts and Media Yokohama, and Postmainstream Performing Arts Festival 2010.

Organization: Japan Performance/Art Institute
Representative: Mr. OZAWA Yasuo (President)
Contact: Mr. OZAWA Yasuo (Presider/Producer)


[Booth No.28]mihoproject

mihoproject is an art/theater producing company established by Miho TAKECHI in Rome in 1985. Miho moved her studio back to Kyoto where she has started producing art and items since 1985.mihoproject has been producing both traditional and contemporary art in Japan and overseas, having 25th anniversary next year.

See also TPAM showcase
*Studio Showing : 16:00-16:30, 2nd March.@Rehaersal Space B2Floor, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space.

Organization: mihoproject
Representative: Ms. TAKECHI Miho (Art Producer)
Contact: Ms. TAKECHI Miho (Art Producer) / Ms. SATO Mika (Assistant Manager) / Ms. KUWABARA Yukki (Assistant Manager)


[Booth No.45]precog

Founded in 2003. Previous productions include chelfitsch, Nibroll, Masako Yasumoto and Azumabashi Dance Crossing. Producing cutting edged Japanese theatre, contemporary dance and performance art, presented works explore physical expression that questions preconceived ideas. Venues chosen for our performances not only include conventional theatre halls but also alternative spaces, such as clubs / live house, galleries and museums. We always try to pioneer alternative fields.

See also TPAM showcase: chelfitsch & Nibroll

Organization: precog
Representative: Ms. NAKAMURA Akane (Exective Producer)
Contact: Ms. NAKAMURA Akane (Exective Producer) / Ms. OUKI Tamiko (Public Relations) / Ms. NAKAJIMA Yukiko (Production)


[Booth No.21]STATION, LTD

Working for versatile exchange of World of Music, Arts, Dance and culture, such as the Festivals of Music & Rhythms Tokyo KIDS, Music & Rhythms in Island, Sound of Japan so and so. We are making Japanese musician's world tour. This year we have the US and European tours of Japanese Syamisen player, Mr. Hiromitsu Agatsuma and piano palayer, Mr. Satoru Shionoya. Please make touch with us.

Organization: STATION, LTD
Representative: Mr. TAMURA Mitsuo (Director)
Contact: Mr. TAMURA Mitsuo (Director) / Mr. UYAMA Tomohide (Staff)


Art-related Organizatons

[Booth No.17]Confetti

LONGRUN PLANNING Corp. was established to support the various artistic activities in 2004. Our main works are (1) the advertisement: [Confetti] the free magazine published monthly / [Confetti-web] the stage information portal site, (2) ticket sales: [Gettii (Confetti version)] the handling system to sell the stage tickets, (3) production support: the play bill printing and distributing widely, and (4) event support: the player dispatch, etc. Now we are supporting the all activities of arts.

Organization: LONGRUN PLANNING Corporation
Representative: Mr. KUREMATSU Hirotaka (President)
Contact: Mr. KUREMATSU Hirotaka (President) / Mr. KABUKI Masato (Manager, Marketing Division) / Mr. YOSHIDA Shoji (Chief Marketing Officer)


International Organizations

[Booth No.5-7]British Council (UK)

The British Council is the UK's international organisation for cultural and educational relationships. In partnership with TPAM 2010, the British Council will present a special showcase programme to introduce a wide range of interactive performing arts from UK, supported by a challenging programme of wraparound activity including presentations, seminars and discussions. The artists featured in the programme are experimenting in their work to find a new theatrical language, which connects with the audience of today. At the heart of this work is the desire to reconnect with audiences and bring honesty, intimacy and integrity into the live experience for the 21st century as only theatre can.

See also Visual Presentation

Organization: British Council
Representative: Mr. JAMES Jason (Director)
Contact: Ms. MCFADDEN Carole (Drama & Dance Advisor, Arts Department, British Council London) / Ms. YUASA Manami (Head of Arts and Creative Industries)


[Booth No.8-9]CINARS - QUEBEC ON STAGE (Canada)

CINARS (The International Exchange for the Performing Arts) is a none-profit organization based in Montreal. Since 1984, CINARS has been committed to furthering the international recognition of the performing arts.

Organization: CINARS
Representative: Mr. Alain Pare (CEO)
Contact: Mr. Alain Pare(Chief Executive Officer)/Ms. Elisabeth Comtois(Agent, Agence Station bleue)/ Mr. Serge Paré(President, Productions Serge Paré)/Mr. Denis Bergeron(Director, Art Circulation)/Ms. Laurence Wegscheider(Communication & Development, José Navas / Compagnie Flak)


[Booth No.10]Dance Info Finland (Finland)

Dance Info Finland (DIF) main task is to produce and provide information on dance in Finland and to promote Finnish dance abroad. Through its various activities, it seeks to support artistic development of dance as well as promote its position in Finnish Society. It also compiles and publishes the statistics on Finnish dance. International activities include for instance PR and promotion, international projects on the EU and global level and consultation. DIF has nine member organizations and it is a member of the key international organizations and networks that concern themselves with dance and the performing arts.

See also Visual Presentation

Organization: Dance Info Finland
Representative: Ms. KARLSSON, Paula (Assistant Manager, International Affairs)
Contact: Ms. KARLSSON, Paula (Assistant Manager, International Affairs) / Ms. MULARI Pirjetta (Manager, International Affairs)


[Booth No.11]Finnish Circus (Finland)

The Finnish Circus Information Centre (FCIC) is an expert organisation that was established in 2006 to serve the interests of the Finnish circus field. The FCIC contributes to the artistic development and promotes the cultural and social status of Finnish circus, and it also creates and maintains international contacts. The FCIC is supported by The Ministry of Education.

Organization: Finnish Circus Information Centre
Representative: Mr. PUROVAARA Tomi (Director)
Contact: Ms. VAULO Lotta (Information officer) / Ms. ERANEN Eranen (Producer, Circo Aereo Company)/ Ms. Anne Jämsä (Producer, Association WHS)


[Booth No.12]Finnish Theatre Information Centre (Finland)

Finnish Theatre Information Centre TINFO promotes Finnish theatre abroad. TINFO presents the entire wide and flourishing field of Finnish theatre and performing arts that includes professional theatres, independent companies and theatre festivals. TINFO helps Japanese agents, theatre companies and other actors in the field of performing arts in connecting with and building partnerships with Finnish theatre professionals.

Organization: Finnish Theatre Information Centre - TINFO
Representative: Ms. SEPPALA Riitta (Director)
Contact: Ms. SEPPALA Riitta (Director)


[Booth No.30]Korea Arts Management Service / Performing Arts Market in Seoul (Korea)

Korea Arts Management Service (KAMS) is a non-profit public foundation with aims to develop a supporting system for more efficient arts management and to provide arts organizations with multifaceted assistance in the fields of international exchange, human resources development, information and consulting. Performing Arts Market in Seoul (PAMS) is an international platform to Korean theatre, music, dance and multidisciplinary arts. PAMS 2009 hosted 85 booth exhibitors, and presented showcases of 15 finest contemporary works entitled PAMS Choice.

Organization: Korea Arts Management Service
Representative: Mr. PARK Yong-jae (President)
Contact: Ms. Yeon WOO (Director, International Exchange) / Ms. Ji-sun PARK (Manager, International Exchange) / Mr. Byong-jin YOO (Staff, International Exchange)


[Booth No.39]Mancopy / T.H.E Dance Company (Denmark)

Mancopy, founded in 2005 by Jens Bjerregaard. With a repertory representing choreography of Bjerregaard and acclaimed choreographers from around the world, this full-time company performs abroad to ever expanding audiences. The repertoire continuously incorporates new approaches to methods of creation. The choreography integrates the experimental with the more traditional.
Founded in 2008 by KUIK Swee Boon, T.H.E (The Human Expression) Dance Company collaborates with artists both local and international and contribute to the further development of Singapore contemporary dance and networks with like-minded artists who share the same passion to go forward in the creative journey.

Organization: Mancopy Dansekompagni and T.H.E Dance Company
Representative: Mr. Bjerregaard Jens (Artistic Director)
Contact: Mr. Jens Bjerregaard (Artistic Director) / Mr. Swee Boon Kuik (Artistic Director)


[Booth No.22]Polish Theatre (Poland)

Promotion of the Polish culture

Organization: The Embassy of the Republic of Poland
Representative: Ms. Rodowicz Jadwiga Maria (Ambassador)
Contact: Ms. Marta Zofia Karsz (Second Secretary, Cultural Department) / Mr. Jaroslaw Waczynski (Adviser, Cultural department) / Mr. Luczko Miroslaw (Counsellor - head of Cultural Department, Cultural Department)


[Booth No.32]Prague Quadrennial 2011 (Czech)

The Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space is the largest event of its kind in the world - presenting contemporary work in a variety of performance design disciplines and genres - costume, stage, light, sound design, and theatre architecture for dance, opera, drama, site specific, multi-media performances, and performance art. Since its establishing in 1967, the Quadrennial has presented work from more than 70 countries in individual countries' expositions. The exhibition in 2011 will be accompanied by a wide spectrum of live events - workshops, lectures, performances and discussions, and provide a space for meetings and exchange.

See also Visual Presentation

Organization: Arts & Theatre Institute
Representative: Ms. Parizkova Daniela (Deputy Director of Prague Quadrennial)
Contact: Mr. Petr Prokop (Head Manager) / Ms. Renata Prokopova (Assistant)



Poland's first professional contemporary dance company, established by Jacek Luminski. The Silesian Dance Theatre has performed and realized projects throughout Poland and all over the Europe, USA and Asia. Because of the activity in the field of contemporary dance, received the name of the Contemporary Dance Centre in Poland. Since 1994 organizes Annual International Contemporary Dance Conference and Performance Festival - one of the biggest and unique in its structure dance event in Europe. Silesian Dance Theatre opened the first higher school for contemporary dance artists, Acting for Dance Theatre Program.



[Booth No.40]LOCO MOTION (Sweden)

Loco Motion is a production company and agency in Stockholm, Sweden, with the mission to produce and promote Swedish dance and performance. In our booth you will find information about the larger Swedish contemporary dance companies as well as current information regarding the independent scene for dance, performance and physical theatre in Sweden. Various companies and groups will be represented in our booth.

See also Visual Presentaion

Organization: Loco Motion
Representative/Contact: Ms. Edgren Asa (General Manager)


Host Organizations

[Booth No.34]The Japan Foundation

The Japan Foundation was established in 1972. Carrying out its programs and activities in three major categories, 1) arts and cultural exchange, 2) Japanese language education overseas, and 3) Japan studies and intellectual exchange, it aims to contribute to the improvement of international environment and to the maintenance and development of Japan’s harmonious relationship with other countries, through better understanding between Japan and other countries and contribution to the world mainly in the field of culture. "Performing Arts Network Japan" has been published by the Japan Foundation since 2004.

Organization: The Japan Foundation
Representative: Mr. OGOURA Kazuo (President)

Contact: Mr. YOKOMICHI Bunji (Director, Performing Arts Section, Arts and Culture Dept.) /
Ms. OUCHI Momoko (Deputy Director, Performing Arts Section, Arts and Culture Dept.) /
Ms. KAWANO Akiko (Performing Arts Section, Arts and Culture Dept.) /
Mr. TAKEDA Yasutaka (Performing Arts Section, Arts and Culture Dept.) /
Ms. MAEDA Yoshiko (Performing Arts Section, Arts and Culture Dept.) /
Ms. HATA Yuki (Performing Arts Section, Arts and Culture Dept.)


[Booth No.47]Japan Foundation for Regional Art-Activities

The Japan Foundation for Regional Art-Activities is an affiliate foundation of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, established in September 1994. Its aim is to foster creativity of arts in local communities, by helping municipalities to improve the artistic atmospheres surrounding them under close support in various aspects such as financial support, various training and exchange programs, and information exchange programs, to nature and flourish arts and culture of the regional throughout Japan.

Organization: Japan Foundation for Regional Art-Activities
Representative: Mr. HAYASHI Shogo (Representative)
Contact: Mr. SAKATA Yuhei (Director, Arts Dept.) / Mr. TAMAKI Hideaki (Arts Dept.)


[Booth No.]PARC - Japan Center, Pacific Basin Arts Communication

Established in 1990, PARC Japan Center is an independent organization which is dedicated to promoting performing arts exchange between Japan and the rest of the world, especially within the Asia-Pacific region. PARC has been publishing "the Performing Arts Exchange Yearbook" since 1990 subsided by the Agency for Cultural Affairs of Japan. PARC served as the coordinator of Japanese programs for the Adelaide Festival '94 and Festival d'Avignon '94. In the years of '95 and '97, PARC took the role of secretariat office for Tokyo International Festival of Performing Arts. In July, 2002, the Center was acknowledged as an NPO organization and has become even more active in various projects.

Organization: PARC - Japan Center, Pacific Basin Arts Communication
Representative: Mr. NAKANE Tadao (President)


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