TPAM fringe
* Separate tickets must be purchased for these performances. Discount tickets or invitations are provided for some TPAM participants. Please contact to TPAM office at
Dance / Performance
The Very Best of AZUMABASHI
© Iida Kenki
A cross between dance, comedy, drama, art, music... A surprise party that will crossover all genres with the keyword "Groovy Body". Non-stop dazzling 2 hours of "EP" sized short pieces. Yes, this will be the 2 disc compilation album worth of "Very Best Selection of the Hottest Performance" on stage! It's a must see for everyone.

· Date: March 9th [Fri] 19:00 / 10th [Sat] 13:00, 17:30
· Venue: Asahi Art Square
· Advance ticket: 3,200 JPY. / At door: 3,500 JPY. /
Advance student ticket: 2,800 JPY. (Online reservation only)
· Contact: +81-3-3410-1816 (precog)
Pre-showing of New work that premiere on March 29.

· Date: March 6th [Tue], 7th [Wed] 19:30
· Venue: Studio A, Setagaya Public Theatre
· Entrance: free (Overseas presenters only)
* Reservation Req,d at the reception of TPAM.
· Contact: +81-3-3320-7217 (HIWOOD)
BATIK is a dance company of women founded in Japan in April 2002, and they mainly perform dance pieces choreographed by KURODA Ikuyo. After it won the National Committee Award at Yokohama Platform of Rencontre Choreographic Internationales de Seine Saint Denis in February 2002, the company started to work full-scale. Besides the activities in Japan, the company has given many overseas performances so far including Dance Umbrella Festival in U.K. Their main works are “SIDE B,” “SHOKU,” and “Flowers flow and time congeals”.
Daghdha Dance Company + Dance and Media Japan
Mamuska Tokyo
Daghdha Dance Company + Dance and Media Japan
Mamuska Tokyo is a new exciting Japanese initiation as part of Mamuska Nights, an international network of platforms with a unique flavour and format built around informality and a true sense of artistic experimentation. These are structured social contexts that challenge established notions of performance and theatrical space. Originally conceived in 2004 by Italian artist and curator Davide TERLINGO for Daghdha Dance Company in Ireland. Curators in each city have the role of creating a local point of reference and selecting the programme. Mamuska Tokyo is curated by IINA Naoto, director of Dance and Media Japan.

· Date: March 7th [Wed] 20:00
· Venue: P-House
· Ticket: Free (drink order required)
· Contact:
Daghdha Dance Company []
Daghdha Dance Company was formed by Mary NUNAN at the University of Limerick in 1988. During Nunan's directorship, the company toured extensively throughout Ireland and was invited to perform at international dance festivals in London, Paris, Berlin, Munich, Barcelona and Mexico City. In 2000 Yoshiko CHUMA took over as artistic director. Michael KLIEN was appointed artistic director in July 2003. Daghdha Dance Company has moved to its inspiring new premises in Limerick's city centre, where it has continued to develop and strengthen its position as a pioneer of contemporary dance in Ireland.
Dairakudakan Kochuten; Muramatsu Takuya “DOBU”
MURAMATSU joined the company in 1994. Since then he has performed in all of its works, and is the leader of Mujinjuku, the butoh school of Dairakudakan. In 2003, his work "Takarajima-Treasure Island" was performed at American Dance Festival. In 2006, He joined ICCP, International Choreography Commissioning Program of American Dance Festival. He created a wonderful work on ADF students and it was incredible to have him perform with them. He performs not only for Dairakudakan but also for several other companies in opera, ballet and theater. His reliable technique and sense of humor attracts keen interest from many audiences.

· Date: March 8th [Thu], 9th [Fri] 19:30 / 10th [Sat], 11th [Sun] 15:00
· Venue: Theatre Tram
· Advance ticket: 3,000 JPY. / At door: 3,500 JPY.
· Contact: +81-422-21-4984 / (DAIRAKURAKAN)
Dairakudakan []
Founded as one of the first Butoh dance companies in 1972, Dairakudakan is the product of MARO Akaji, based on his strong beliefs on "Tempu-Tenshiki" (= Being born in the world is a great talent itself) and "Miburi-Teburi" (Maro uses this word as a way of approaching our daily, elementary movements to be incorporated into his works.). It emerged onto the international scene in 1982 with the world premiere of "Kaiin no Uma~The sea dappled horse" in Avignon, France. Since then, the word, "Butoh" has spread out throughout the world and the style of dance, "Butoh" has been a great impact on other contemporary dances.
Dance Renaissance “A Thousand Winds” Representation Committee / RAKUDO
Dance Renaissance “A Thousand Winds”
Dance Renaissance A Thousand Winds Representation Committee / RAKUDO
A best-seller-poem and picture book, “a thousand winds” (written by Man Arai) is now world premiere bold to be arranged as a musical, consist of dance, mime and act. Casts are selected by audition besides to RAKUDO dance company members, this will be emotional, touching and impressive work describing eternal life by dance.

· Date: March 2nd [Fri] 19:00 / 3rd [Sat] 15:00, 19:00 / 4th [Sun] 15:00
· Venue: Small Hall, National Olympics Memorial Youth Center
· Ticket: 3,000 JPY. (Advance tickets only)
· Contact: +81-3-6768-9919 (RAKUDO)
Dance Company founded by choreographer Masaru Inayoshi and dancer Yuko Furuta. Attract audience's attention based on mixed style of Jazz and Contemporary dance. Got 5 stars reputation on Canada tour 2001, took part in NY international Fringe Festival in 2002, Silver medal at IDO dance world cup in 2005. Perform new work musical, “a thousand winds” on 2007. CID- UNESCO official Company.
Kota Yamazaki Fluid hug-hug co.
Kota Yamazaki Fluid hug-hug co.
Directed and choreographed by YAMAZAKI Kota. It is a trio piece danced by Yamazaki, NISHIMURA Mina and an American dancer Paul MATTESON. Premiere was Portland International Festival 2005, "Rise:Rose" received an appraisal of the best piece in the Festival by newspaper.

· Date: March 2nd [Fri] 19:30 / 3rd [Sat], 4th [Sun] 16:00
· Venue: Kichijoji Theatre
· Advance ticket: 3,500 JPY. / At door: 3,800 JPY.
· Contact: +81-3-3275-0220 (Kaibunsha)
Kota Yamazaki Fluid hug-hug co. []
Contemporary dance company founded by choreographer and dancer YAMAZAKI Kota. The company based in Japan and NY, its activity expanding worldwide creation.
no direction.
Perform the new version of "NO DIRECTION, everyday" (installation [2005], performance [2006] under the same title) for the first time in 3 years in Tokyo!

· Date: March 2nd [Fri] 19:30 / 3rd [Sat] 14:00, 19:30 /4th [Sun] 14:00
· Venue: Ariake Studio, Panasonic Center Tokyo
· Advance ticket: 3,300 JPY. / At door: 3,800 JPY. /
Student ticket (Advance ticket only): 2,800 JPY.
· Contact: +81-3-3410-1816 / (precog)
Nibroll []
As an art-director's collective consisting of a group of creative professionals in the fields of dance, film, music, lighting and garment design, Nibroll presents new form of art that don't automatically fit in the usual notion of performance. Based in Tokyo, the group has also performed in locations as diverse as Paris, Amsterdam, NY, New Delhi, and Bangkok.
Reflection: Chain Systems - At a “Fortress”
Gekidan KAITAISHA presents a trilogy entitled Reflection: Chain Systems aiming for evolution and deeper exploration of what we have done in Dream Regime Project. That is to present how to respond to and critique the real world that has constantly been "at war" through collaboration with foreign performers and artists. In other words, we attempt to create physical expression that exists between people suppressing exercise of violence and provokes audience into reflection. Guest performers: Rebecca Woodford-Smith (Wales, UK), Mikyoung Jun Pearce (Korea/UK)

· Date: March 8th [Thu], 9th [Fri], 10th [Sat] 20:00
· Venue: Free Space CANVAS
· Ticket: 2,000 JPY.
· Contact: +81-3-5802-5387 (Gekidan KAITAISHA)
Gekidan KAITAISHA []
Gekidan KAITAISHA translates as "Theatre of Deconstruction". They are a maverick company in the vibrant Tokyo independent theatre scene. KAITAISHA's "Theatre of Body" combines political issues and philosophical concepts with contemporary movement, which is based on an acute criticism of society, raising issues, such as racism, gender prejudices, sexual hypocrisy and political pretension. By questioning the status quo, giving full credit to the imagined, and trusting it as much as the experienced, the ensemble produces the energy that characterizes its work. It can be the energy of a burning fuse or that of a persistent, far-away flame.
Gokuraku Musical Company
House of Choko and Kichijiro
Gokuraku Musical Company
The first play was in Osaka in December, 2005. We show the affairs of the married couple, Choko and Kichijiro, in the peeking style. Having made success with the characteristic of the KITABAYASHI works, the luxuriance and the speed in the hearty humor and moving story, this is the first time to play in Tokyo. We are going to give you a story of an Osaka typical strange couple through a runaway marriage, and their strange guests including the phantom of the poor... It is an Osaka tastily romantic and humorous musical described by music, dance, and the comic.

· Date: March 6th [Tue], 7th [Wed] 14:00, 19:00
· Venue: Egota Store House
· Ticket: Adult 2,500 JPY. / Child 1,500 JPY.
· Contact: +81-72-982-3533 (Jiraiya) / +81-6-6213-8805 (Kagekidan Museum)
Gokuraku Musical Company []
Gokuraku Musical Company is an unique entertainment group organized by the actors elected from all over Japan for the attraction of the Osaka theme park "Doutonbori Gokuraku Shotengai". "Human dramatic musical", written and directed by KITABAYASHI Sawako, played every day in the theme park has a high popularity because of the unique stage describing daily life with aesthetic, speed, and spectacle which is conflict with humanity and human living. Since 2006, we have started playing outside of the theme park. It makes you burst into laughter, yet it has luxuriance. Of course it is musical. We will give you a sob and emotional story.
R+ “RAKUENOH plus”
R+UNPLUGGED Vol.1 “MARGUERITE, & Another Stories”
“RAKUENOH plus” is a group that has been in action since 1990. Expanding from the director and writer Hiroshi Nagahori's idea that “play=poem”, we engage in a particular performing style experimenting with how “the text is heard through the ear,” using the Japanese language. This “unplugged” performance is a new trial for “RAKUENOH plus,” and we are searching for a new experimental style of expression through “not plugging the plug in the socket,” and not using an alternating-current.

· Date: March 8th [Thu], 9th [Fri] 19:00 / 10th [Sat], 11th [Sun] 14:00, 18:00
· Venue: Museum Tokyo
· Advance ticket: 2,400 JPY. / At door: 2,700 JPY. / Student ticket: 2,000 JPY.
· Contact: +81-3-3918-5883 (R+)
R+ “RAKUENOH plus” []
R+“RAKUENOH plus” is a multi-style performance group formed around NAGAHORI Hiroshi circa 1990. Uses many methods, recent style being incorporation of visual and voice projection by many performers.
Through SHABADABA-GALAXY it is hoped that the concept of URADAIKOKU will resound throughout the masses and be remembered for its originality. From early February, a series of art performances will be done in various places around Tokyo leading up to a main performance on March.

· Date & Venue: March 6th [Tue] 14:00 inside the train of Toei-Arakawa Line (meeting place: Minowabashi Station) / 7th [Wed] 14:00, 19:00 at RAFT /
8th [Thu] 18:00 at Nakano ZERO / 11th [Sun] 19:00 at Koenji CLUB ROOTS
· Advance ticket: 1,000 JPY. / At door: 1,500 JPY.
· Contact: +81-80-3082-9285 / (Uradaikoku)
URADAIKOKU is an acting troupe established in 2004. The troupe is alive if any member is active, whether it be as an actor or actress, director or playwright. The work, which is the product of a peculiar imagination, is created with the following motto in mind, "Anyway, it should be enjoyable to watch as well as enjoyable for me."
Music / Multidiscipline etc.
ZIPANG with African musicians
The only one of its kind in the world this band has invited African musicians to join musicians from Japan (Tsugaru Shamisen, taiko, shakuhachi, harmonica) to create live performance of fun, intensity, gentleness and beauty. It also performs a repertoire of Japanese traditional, classical, and folk music. Their original work has been heard as back music for TV Tokyo's 'Kaiun nandemo kantei-dan', in rhythm tracks, and in live gigs and concerts.

· Date: March 8th [Thu] 18:30
· Venue: Ichikawa City Civic Hall
· Advance ticket: 3,000 JPY. / At door: 3,500 JPY.
· Contact: +81-47-435-1886 (ARIGA 10 MUSIC) /
+81-47-335-1542 (Ichikawa City Civic Hall)
This office has been fusing African music and rhythms with traditional Japanese instruments (including taiko, shakuhachi, Tsugaru shamisen) since 1986. Presently, it is creating new and original music specifically for Japanese audiences. However, its special brand of enjoyable new world music is designed to stimulate the senses with entertaining skill all around the world.
Dance and Media Japan + Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media
Workshop: Digital Technology for Performing Arts
Dance and Media Japan + Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media
“Refined Colors” is a sequence of dances performed in settings defined by light. Using the latest digital LED lighting equipment, the Project furthermore explores new possibilities in mobility for staging dance. Participants can experience this equipment and make dance. This workshop presents a model of new creation system of performing art.

· Date: March 6th [Tue] 19:00-21:00 / 7th [Wed] 18:00-21:30 /
8th [Thu] 18:00-21:30 / 9th [Fri] 18:00〜21:30 (19:00- Presentation)
· Venue: Morishita Studio
· Entry: Participant=3,000 JPY. (4 days) / Visitor=Free
· Contact: (DMJ)
Dance and Media Japan + YCAM []
Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media (YCAM) and Dance and Media Japan (DMJ) are a new type of cultural facilities, which pursues creative values in art and information. This workshop are held with “Refined Colors” that media performance linked dance, sound and LED lighting system.