Photo by Kazuyuki Matsumoto

Photo by Kazuyuki Matsumoto


nitehi works

2.10 Tue19:30

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Running time: 60min

A heretical male duo performance where sound and the body clash and support each other creating and disintegrating new spatial-temporal qualities

The two male dancers clash and support each other, seeking for a fresh relationship between the body and sound, dance and music. ‘Zero’ becomes ‘One’, and ‘One’ piles up and collapses. This experiment for grasping a new world would keep shaking audience up.

Contact: 090-5314-9281 / Email


Yukio Suzuki

Choreographer / Dancer who started creating his own pieces in 2000 and has been active as “YUKIO SUZUKI Projects” in a wide range of projects including solo works, group works and collaborations with diverse artists. He has been touring around over 30 cities in the world, and his pliant, delicate and tenacious movements have been enthralling the audience. He received the first prize at highly acclaimed Toyota Choreography Award in 2008. He is also one of the ten finalists of “Dance Elargie” in Paris, France.

Fuyuki Yamakawa

Khoomei Singer / Fine Artist. His activities, which involve expression that appeals to the senses of sight, hearing and touch through using his own voice and body as media, transcend the boundaries between music, contemporary art and performing arts. He has been exploring “expression that starts from the body” that goes beyond “physical expression” as a genre in his performances that transform Khoomei and heartbeat into sound and light or amplify the vibration of the skull with bone conduction microphones, a video installation The Voice-over, and the direction of a performing arts piece Black Hair Ballad.

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