Photo: Kouichi Iida

Photo: Kouichi Iida

R and weightless surges

Noge Schale (Yokohama Nigiwai-za)

2.10 Mon 19:30
2.11 Tue 13:00/17:30
2.12 Wed 19:30
2.13 Thu 19:30

2.14 Fri 19:30
2.15 Sat 14:00/18:30
2.16 Sun 14:00

Adv ¥3,000
Door ¥3,500

TPAM Registrant Benefit: ¥200 discount

In Hello School, Bye-Bye, mum & gypsy meticulously depicted the daily lives of girls who are members of a volleyball team, building on a special match situation. This new production is going to be the second sport theatre piece of the company! The theme will be “boxing.” Don’t miss it!

English synopsis provided

Contact: mum & gypsy 090-9137-8647 / Email

Mum and Gypsy

Photo: Tomofumi Hashimoto

mum & gypsy

A theatre group formed in 2007, for which Takahiro Fujita writes and directs all the pieces. He won the 56th Kishida Kunio Drama Award with The World to Throw Salt on that was premiered in June–August 2011, and the company successfully presented the first oversea performance Dots, lines and the cube. A world and the others in the cube that shines in 2013.

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