Memories – Seoul Performing Arts Festival (SPAF)
Photo: Sang Hoon Ok

Face to Face

Face to Face (2013)
Photo: Yoichi TSUKADA

Seize the Day

Face to Face 2014 version


2.14 Fri 19:00s
2.15 Sat 19:00s/20:00f

*Seize the Day = s, Face to Face = f

Adv ¥1,500
Student Adv ¥1,000
Door ¥2,000
Student Door ¥1,500
*The prices are for one piece

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A project where two choreographers who are given awards by the two prominent contemporary dance festivals in Japan and Korea, “Yokohama Dance Collection” and “Seoul Dance Collection,” co-create a dance piece through residency in Seoul and Yokohama. In the third year, male choreographers took part in it for the first time. Their nationalities, backgrounds and dance styles are different, and it is the first time that they meet, but they look into each other sincerely and enthusiastically discuss in order to create something together. Their Memories, which was presented in Seoul in October and was well-received, is further polished and newly presented as Seize the Day. In addition, Face to Face by Yuriko Suzuki and Hwang Soo Hyun, the piece that the project produced last year, is re-created and presented as “2014 version.” Please enjoy the two pieces, of which choreography, themes and approaches are very contrastive.

Contact: Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse Number 1 045-211-1515 / Email

Tadashi Shimada


Tadashi Shimada

Born on June 14, 1986 in Yokohama, Kanagawa. Studied painting in his childhood, acting methods under Yoko Narahashi’s “UPS academy” at the age of 19, and the encounter with physical expression led him to the creation in the next year of a solo piece HIRUGAO. His activities are mainly solo improvisations. Although having experienced the physical elements of ballet and capoeira, he has been pursuing expression that articulates quotidian physicality and emotions and exploring the body in his own way. Studied movement therapy under the late Mutsumi Gunji and choreography under Tomohisa Suzuki. His twilight won the Encouragement Prize in Yokohama Dance Collection EX 2013 Competition I,

Kim Kwang-min


Kim Kwang-min

Born on February 17, 1982 in Seoul. His initiation into contemporary dance was relatively late; influenced by his brother who was studying ballet, he started to dance at the age of 20. The next year, he started to devote himself into dance at Kookmin University and took part in a variety of works accumulating experience. He began to create his own works to look into himself and presented his first piece Shouting! at the age of 29. Communication is the basis of his themes, and he draws motifs from small gestures in daily life. In 2012, his Person (You&I) won the Choreographer Prize in Seoul Dance Collection.

Yuriko Suzuki

Photo: MILLA

Yuriko Suzuki

Born in Gunma. Started to study under Kuniko Kisanuki at the age of 16. After graduating from the Western dance course at Nihon University, College of Art, she trained at Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance. Her duo piece BORN/2011 was presented in five countries in Europe, and won the 2011 Best Choreographic Direction at ACT Festival in Spain and Jury Prize at Yokohama Dance Collection EX 2012. Among her recent works are a collaboration with Hwang Soo Hyun in Japan–Korea Dance Exchange Project and a solo piece with thought and the body as its theme Amvibalence, which have been presented internationally. A finalist at Toyota Choreography Award 2012.

Hwang Soo Hyun


Hwang Soo Hyun

Took part in Dance Connection last year too. In 2011, she formed a Co-lab Project Group and created Co-lab: Seoul–Berlin, which was selected for the Rising Star program organized by HanPac (Hankuk Performing Arts Center) and was presented in Festival/Tokyo in 2012. She received a Young Art Frontier Grant from Arts Council Korea in 2008. Her work Timing was nominated for the final selection at Global Dance Contest, sponsored by Sadlerʼs Wells. In 2010, she and Lim Jeeae were invited to Seoul International Dance Festival in 2010 with On the Sound.

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