Photo: Laura Liverani


BankART Studio NYK, NYK Hall

2.14 Fri 20:00
2.15 Sat 15:00/18:00
2.16 Sun 12:00/15:00

Adv ¥2,500
Door ¥3,000
Student Adv ¥2,000
Student Door ¥2,500

TPAM Registrant Benefit: ¥2,000 (not available on the days)

The past, times, records, what we don’t care about anymore. The members of AAPA, who have been working at a studio renovated from a space in a housing complex in Kita-Senju since summer 2013, and Celine Marks (Canada), who have been in Japan since then, pursue the images of “WHAT WE FORGOT” that escape the moment we apply by speaking of, touching, listening to and dancing them. Audience who make connections between the exhibition and performance in the venue are also ones that pursue “WHAT WE FORGOT.”

Subtitled in English and interpreted in Japanese and English

Contact: AAPA (Away At Performing Arts) 070-6457-4761 / Email



Photo: Ryu Ohsako


Active since 2004 in various places and spaces in Japan as a project for developing performances that are inspired by the living environment of the suburbs of Tokyo and are adjacent to daily life. Centering around physical spatiality that does not specify genres, they have been involved in diverse fields including theatre, dance, juggling, music and fine art to always change the form of expression. They opened a studio in a housing complex in Kita-Senju in summer 2013, and since then have been developing long-term activities that include not only performances but also daily classes and other projects that are connected to the local context.

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