(C)Kazuya Kato

(C)Kazuya Kato

The 5×5 Legged Stool -from four Chances for Drama

Koukashita Studio Site D

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A recreation of “To make dance out of a dance score” from the series KIGEKI – Four Chances for Drama. Shinoda makes a performance out of the score of Ana Halprin’s “THE FIVE LEGGED STOOL” (1962). The visuals that are projected in synch with the performance will be revised this time. The relationship between the visuals and the performance will be explored further using the synthesizing devices. The multiple layers of the score, the image projections, the body of the performers and the performance space are highlighted.


Chiharu Sinoda

Born in 1982. Director / script writer for theater company FAIFAI until 2012. Won the first prize at Zürcher Theater Spektakels ZKB Patronage in 2010 for her play My name is I LOVE YOU. Moving to Bangkok in 2012, she is now working mainly in Asia but has also been participating in festivals in Europe such as Fabbrica Europe (Italy) and Theater der Welt (Germany). Shinoda premiered It’s my Turn in Bangkok, and KIGEKI – Four Chances for Drama in Tokyo in 2014. A new piece is scheduled to premiere in Tokyo in November 2015.

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