Still from video by TANJC

Still from video by TANJC

shelf volume 19 [deprived]

Sakura WORKS

2.13 Fri19:00
2.14 Sat14:00 / 18:00


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Running time: 60min

Before the concept of “private” became widely known, people belonged to a state, public, community and they had a status, role or office as a member of it. To be “private” is the status of being “isolated, separated” from these affiliations.
I composed this production from different “political” texts; for example, the poetry of an English poet killed in WW1, an essay by Saneatsu MUSHANOKOJI, the novels of Osamu DAZAI, and the Constitution Preamble. I want to reconsider what “I”, “We”, “nation”, etc. mean with the audience.

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We chose to represent the theme of a “book shelf”, which accumulates and mixes texts from different times and countries. “shelf” emphasizes speech, in other words, the nature of voice, accent and intonation of a text read by actors; and combines classical and modern drama.
The style of “shelf” is recognized for its combination of a keen awareness of the contemporary and aesthetic sense of space and time with a performance style that radiates energy created by the actors’ silence on stage. The result is a visually impressive drama.

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