Photo by kobayashi yumico

Photo by kobayashi yumico


Dui Yama

2.8 Sun21:00
2.9 Mon20:00
2.10 Tue20:00

Adv / Door¥2,500

TPAM Registrant Benefit: ¥2,000

• “Presenter” of performing arts (Registration for TPAM is required)

• “Audience” of performing arts
Available from the company

Performed mostly in English and partly in Japanese.
Subtitled in Japanese and English.

Running time: 70min

It’s easier to make a necklace that you like if you sort the beads out by colour and shape. Like beads, in this performance, memories are sorted into order and arranged into a story like your favourite necklace. However, unlike the necklace, the performance is not tangible and it is not something that you can see. The audience comes to watch something that is not visible. This is a theater performance which tells the stories about Rino’s clothes as she takes them off.


Rino Daidoji

Born in Tokyo in 1982. Founding member of the Japanese performance group FAIFAI. Rino has participated in almost all performances of FAIFAI as a performer since 2004. Her solo performances have included “Thanks for the God of Shibuya” at PARCO, Shibuya (naked dish performance), and “Socialstrip” at Tokyo and Yokohama; her first solo theatre piece. Her side projects include “Me3” – accessories that are “secret weapons of the new century”. Rino also loved tea and pickled plums!

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