Death. Exercises and variations

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Untitled(Open Studio)
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Death. Exercises and variations
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Open Studio after a residency
As part of the program of introducing young choreographers from Poland, the dancer / choreographer Renata Piotrowska invites audience to participate in an Open Studio during the last day of a residency in Yokohama on her new piece Untitled which will be premiered in November 2015. The idea of an Open Studio is to share with the public defined performative strategies and actual questions of the work in progress.

Death. Exercises and variations
Piotrowska will also show in the frame of TPAM, her latest solo piece she premiered in Warsaw on October 28, 2014: Death. Exercises and variations.

„In Piotrowska’s work mortality is a permanent feature of choreography, which, being a practice that organises matter in time and space, produces images and bodies that are in the star of constant decay.“
Mateusz Szymanówka, Dwutygodnik

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Renata Piotrowska

Renata Piotrowska was born in Warsaw, Poland. She is a choreographer, dancer, performer. She graduated in choreographic programme ex.e.r.ce in CCN Montpellier / France. She works with new dance and performance art. Nowadays in her works, on the side of the artistic interest in a perception, she contemplates contemporary world through her individual experiences and theoretical texts from the human sciences. She confronts choreography with conceptual thinking. She is creating her own performances since 2007. In 2008 and 2010, her Dancing with the Enemy and Unknown were chosen for the prestigious Polska Platforma Tańca review. She worked among others with Michael Schumacher, Nigel Charnock and Eleonore Didier. Piotrowska has won scholarships of: Art Stations Foundation and the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage programme “Młoda Polska” (2010) and programme „Stypendium Ministra“ (2013).

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