Research Asia and Represent by Workshop (present on Asia 5)


2.13 Fri18:30-22:00 (Come and go as you please)


TPAM Registrant Benefit: ¥1,000

• “Presenter” of performing arts (Registration for TPAM is required)
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• “Audience” of performing arts
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A presentation of the results of our research is give in the form of six workshops developed and conducted by the artists through their research on Asia. The participants in the workshops are invited to discuss and exchange comments on what “presenting works in Asia” may mean.

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Project present on the Asia

To create works based on an easy generalization of what’s Asia and by grafting on the Western style of arts is uninteresting and even at risk of serious misunderstanding. Today, however, there are more and more artists who dare to re-look at Asia despite the problem. Moreover, they seem to prefer live performance to exhibition as the format of their expression. This project is to approach such selected artists, record their statements, bring them together and create and present new collaborative works with them. One meeting is held every month for one year.

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