photo by Hibiki Miyazawa

Photo by Hibiki Miyazawa



2.14 Sat14:00

After the performance, Artist Talk will be held at 20:30

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Running Time: 6 hours (Entrance anytime between 14.00-20.00)

Durational interactive group performance
Concept by Miss Universe
Miss Universe has gathered with artists for ten SSSLLLOOOWWW Network meetings. On Saturday February 14th, we invite you to join the last meeting.
Participants of SSSLLLOOOWWW Network” will sit in a circle and interview each other about their art. The rule is to talk and move VERY SLOWWWWWLLLYYY.
Participants are free to leave the circle and come back as they wish. Once a person stands up, he or she is allowed to act freely and go back into “normal” speed and time. The devotion of the participants creates tension and interest in the audience to stay and be a part of SSSLLLOOOWWW Network. Performed by Mai Endo, Fumio Inoue, Yoi Kawakubo, Haruka Kawaguchi, Saki Murata, Hamada Miri, Eri Takeisa, Michiko Tsuda, and Mihoko Watanabe.

Simultaneous translation in English and Japanese


Miss Universe

Performance artist from Turkey. Born in New York. Based in Tokyo. Deniz Aygün Benba has a background in visual arts. In 2008, she selected herself as “Miss Universe”. She reaches audiences through works varying from stage appearances to site specific performances, childrens songs to political activism. Her performances emphasize mostly on parodies of stereotypes, intercultural encounters, human rights and gender issues. Miss Universe performed her works in festivals such as Visibility Project (Istanbul), Dimanche Rouge (Paris-Talinn), International Meeting of Action Art (Seville) and Trouble (Brussels). Miss Universe performs regularly in “What the Dickens Pub” in Ebisu, Tokyo.

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