Neo Communication-Art-Project

Neo Communication-Art-Project

SHIN Communication Art Project – Philosophy and Dance

Sakura WORKS

2.15 Sun18:00


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Running time: 60mins

In the core of philosophy and art lies human desire.
A collaboration among the artists from dance, fashion and music, inspired by the Philosophy of Transference of the Central Point of Desire. Human desire has a central point, and that central point can be moved. The secret of happiness written by the 18th Century French thinker Jean-Jack Rousseau.

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Mia Tomano

After dancing for Reiko Yamamoto Ballet, Tomano is dancing for Megumi Nakamura’s Dance Sanga from 2007 as a dancer as well as assistant choreographer and coach. In 2014 she won the Yokohama City Téâtre Fonté Azbil Award, and had her own production presented at the theater for the first time. Currently a freelancer creating works, performing and conducting workshops.

A budding project

A creative collective of Isseki Todokoro (producer), Ittoku Tomano (philosopher), Mia Tomano (dancer) and Yohei Kajiwara (music composer, programmer) with an objective of creating a new style of expression by bringing expertise from different fields of fashion, music, education, IT and dance respectively.

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