The Caucasian Chalk Circle

Setagaya Public Theatre

2.6 Fri18:30
2.7 Sat13:00 / 18:30
2.8 Sun11:00 / 16:00

Adv (A seat)¥6,000
Adv (B seat)¥5,000
Adv (C seat) ¥3,500
Adv Pair (A seat)¥11,000
Adv Pair (B seat)¥9,000
Student Adv (A seat)¥4,000
Student Adv (B seat)¥3,000
Student Adv (C seat)¥2,000
Door¥500+ / person

TPAM Registrant Benefit
Adv (A seat) ¥5,500, Adv (B seat) ¥4,500
Adv Pair (A seat) ¥10,000, Adv Pair (B seat) ¥8,000

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The Opera theatre Konnyakuza will re-create an adaptation of The Caucasian Chalk Circle (originally written by Bertolt Brecht, an adaptation by Tsunetoshi Hirowatari and music composed by Hikaru Hayashi), for the first time in 25 years. The production had a long run though 1978 to 1990, and it was highly acclaimed as “the production that innovate the history of Japanese Opera”. This time we will welcome a prize-winning playwright and director, Yoji Sakate as a new director.

Contact: Opera Theater Konnyakuza: 044-930-1720 / Email


Opera Theater Konnyakuza

Opera Theatre Konnyakuza aims at creating and spreading new Japanese Opera. Since when it was found in 1971, it has been producing several opera productions in Japanese language. The company was first formed as a students’ circle called “Konnya-ku exercise committee” at Tokyo University of Arts. It features Hikaru Hayashi, and Kyoko Hagi as composers, and they try to create operas for all the generations from children to elder people. They have been touring both in Japan and abroad.