Photo by Tsukasa Aoki

Photo by Tsukasa Aoki

“What do I know? What do I not know?”
Open Reharsal

Edogawa-ku Cultural Center

2.14 Sat15:00

Admission Free

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Running time: 40min

Integrate Dance Company uses various different physical possibilities to explore new areas in contemporary dance. Before the performances on Saturday 28 February and Sunday 1 March at the Asahi Art Square, we will hold an open rehearsal. This piece is choreographed by one of co-artisitic directors of our company, Suzuki Yukio, who is working internationally. It is an experiment in exploring the concept of “knowing” through the body.

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Integrated Dance Company-Kyo
Aiming at developing a new style of dance based on diverse characteristics of the dancers, the company Kyo was established in June 2014 with Takiko Iawabuchi and Yukio Suzuki as co-artistic directors, and Yuko Ijichi as producer. Their work-in-progress presentation on September 28, 2014 was appraised as an attempt to bridge art and society. They aspire to work with different artists from Japan and overseas.

Yukio Suzuki (Co-Artistic Director)
The founder, choreographer and dancer of “YUKIO SUZUKI Projects”. He has been touring around over 30 cities in the world, and his pliant, delicate and tenacious movements have been enthralling the audience. He received the first prize at highly acclaimed Toyota Choreography Award 2008. He is also one of ten finalists of “Dance Elargie” in Paris, France.

Takiko Iwabuchi(Co-Artistic Director)
Has received critical acclaim for her collaborative work with dancers, and her intricate direction; and was referred to as “one of the few choreographers in Japan who has deeply investigated the methods of creation of contemporary dance”. Received awards from the Yokohama City Cultural Foundation and the French Embassy in the Yokohama Solo×Duo Competition in 2001 for Be; and the Association of Dance Critics Award for a Newcomer in 2005 for Distance. Main director of Dance Theatre LUDENS.

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