goat / kukangendai

Minimal Maximal Music

SuperDeluxe (Roppongi)

2.10 Tue20:00

Adv ¥2,300(drinks not included)
Door¥2,800(drinks not included)

TPAM Registrant Benefit: CD of the music used in the performance

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• “Audience” of performing arts
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Running time: 120min

Experimental band “goat” represented by Koshiro Hino will produce “Minimal Maximal Music”.

“Spastic repetition and amplifying slippage, you should listen to this crazy cool groove!” by Atsushi Sasaki

“The coolest music-image that is created by a rhythm with broken instruments… which makes me want to create my own music. The sound created by “goat” is filled with gap and pleasure that arouse imagination.I would love to see their live show!!” by Yoshio Otani



Four members of the band “goat” have more interests in experimenting with noise or mutes than harmonies created by twelve tones. The band consists of a guitar, saxophone, bass and drum player. The music created by repetitions of carefully constructed sound is often regarded as both urban and ethnic. The “goat” released its 1st album New Games in 2013.


Three-men live music band founded in 2006 by its current members. Using such techniques as editing copy, and refrains and errors, their music with twists and stress is also humorous. Recently attempting to play more than one songs simultaneously and form a unified rhythm. Based in Tokyo, the trio has worked with avant-garde artists such as ECD, Norimizu Ameya, Kakuya Ohashi and his dancers. Currently in Kyoto creating music for the theater company CHITEN’s production of Brecht’s play Fatzer.

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