SPAF (C) Photo by Sang-Hoon Ok

SPAF (C) Photo by Sang-Hoon Ok

Pulda / Hodoku


2.14 Sat19:00
2.15 Sun19:00

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Student Door ¥1,500

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Running time: 60mins

“Dance Connection” is a program in which prize-winning choreographers from Seoul and Yokohama join artist in residence programs for two months in both countries, and collaborate to create a piece. This year Daisuke Inoue and Lee Sang Fung participated in the program, and they stayed in Seoul from September to October. Their collaboration is entitled 풀다/解 (Pulda / Hodoku), which means ‘Untie’ both in Japanese and Korean language. They also stay in Yokohama for a month in January, and 풀다/解 (Pulda / Hodoku) will be performed in Hachinohe and Yokohama.

Contact: 045-211-1515 / Email


Inoue Daisuke

Born in 1983. Kuniko Kisanuki was his supervisor of dance at university, and he also learned classic ballet from Daiki Miura. He joined Kimu Ito’s dance company “Bright future” in 2007 and 2008. He created three solo-dance pieces titled The body of 100 years after he left the company, and one of those received Labo Award at ST spot Yokohama. He is one of the founders of “21st century Geba Geba dance company”, and now is representative of it. He is the recipient of encouragement award of Yokohama Dance Collection EX 2014 Competition.

Sang-Hun Lee

Born in 1982. He came to be interested in Cartoons and hip-hop music, which led him to learn street dancing. He learned several types of dance and Bikram Yoga at Hanyang University, and he joined “Dance Theatre CHANG” after he graduated. From 2009 to 2013 he joined Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui’s dance company and performed in Puz/zle. He received Seoul Dance Collection Choreography Award in 2013.

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