nmatu-posu + University of Miyazaki [The circumstances to the time it’s going to happen vol.1]


Feb 16 (Sat) 19:00 | 17 (Sun) 13:00/17:00
ST Spot
Adult ¥2,000 | Student ¥1,000
TPAM Pass benefit⇒Adult ¥1,500 | Student ¥500


The situation: firstly, we have always been told, “You are still dependent on your university. You should become independent.” But there isn’t any other place where you can find so many cutting-edge and interesting things as a university. We stay there intentionally, as a positive choice. Secondly, we have also been told, “You should create an one-hour piece.” But we insist on pieces that are from four- to six-minute long. These kinds of short pieces are common in concours for students. A summary in academic writing. A poem or tanka in literature. We think it’s not bad to focus on this short format.


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Contact: NPO MIYAZAKI C-DANCE CENTER 090-5487-1239


A creative dance unit based in the University of Miyazaki. Their field is on the boundary between sports and arts. Members specialize in pedagogy and dance study. A finalist of Yokohama Dance Collection EX 2012, and a delegate of a program for children by Agency for Cultural Affairs. They plan “JAPAN TOUR 2014” (Alios Iwaki Performing Arts Center, Komaba Agora Theater, Aster Plaza in Hiroshima and other venues).