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Feb 15 (Fri) – Mar 3 (Sun)
*Weekdays and Feb 16 (Sat) 19:00 | Feb 17 (Sun), 23 (Sat) and Mar 2 (Sat) 14:00/19:00 | Feb 24 (Sun), Mar 3 (Sun) 14:00 | No performances on Feb 18 (Mon) and 19 (Tue)
Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre, Theatre East
Adv, Door ¥4,500 | Student ¥3,200 (ID required, reservation only)
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The leader Chobi Natsuki directs and plays the leading role for this play. The return of the “legendary music theatre” that fully recited the life of an invulnerable woman, with gorgeous guest performers and the sound of trumpets! Making full use of “music” of gekidan shika564, the piece delivers musical expression that only theatre is capable of and a story that only music can tell.


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Contact: gekidan shika564 090-3690-0967


gekidan shika564
Established in 2000. To “strike the hearts of the young and old, men and women hard and embrace them tightly,” the company has been telling rustic and emotional stories that express lovable human nature, and has fascinated audiences by the direction that focuses on physical performance. An active company since its establishment in diverse fields including the streets, live houses and outdoor festivals, their Super Star was nominated as a finalist for the 55th Kishida Kunio Drama Award.