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Feb 8 (Fri) 19:30 | 9 (Sat) 13:30/17:30 | 10 (Sun) 13:30/17:30 | 11 (Mon) 15:30
Adv ¥2,500 | Student Adv ¥2,000 | Door ¥3,000 | Student Door ¥2,500
TPAM Pass benefit⇒¥2,200
*One drink included


The company Q has recently emerged and drawn attention by the novelty of its verbal expression and direction that deactivate preexisting values, while being based on the feeling, sensitivity and vulnerability of the new generation. The works have always involved “animals,” and in inochinochiQ “dogs” are featured to reexamine the distorted human world with the notion of “lineage” as the clue. This piece is the first theatre performance shown at “sakuraWORKS” that has newly opened in Kannai, Yokohama.


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Satoko Ichihara
Born in 1988. She presented mushimushiQ, the first play that she wrote and directed, when she was a student at J. F. Oberlin University, and after graduating she established her company Q, for which she has written and directed all the pieces. Her play mushi, based on mushimushiQ, won the 11th Best Play Award of Aichi Arts Foundation. Her works often involve animals and food such as pets and ham, since she is interested in existences that are not able to be perfectly tamed as worldly “forms” but are excessive and self-consuming.