Photo: Toshiyuki Matsushita


Flashing, a luminous body, free


Feb 7 (Thu) 20:00 | 8 (Fri) 20:00 | 9 (Sat) 14:30/19:30 | 10 (Sun) 14:30/19:30 | 11 (Mon) 13:30/17:30
nitehi works 3F
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I feel my body being filled.
It’s like a dream. Just full of energy. Though I don’t know anything.
It was Linda who saw the clown in the station square on the way home from the funeral.
There were two suns.
The letter is in the desk, but this thread should connect to him through time.
It’s a story of night becoming morning. Then a story of morning becoming night as well. And Linda never lies.


Subtitled in English on February 11 (Mon) 13:30/17:30

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The Busstrio
A unit led by Yuichiro Konno (director / filmmaker) that started its activities in 2010. Creates works that freely suggest plural intense stories by connecting sequences and using the method of collage. Has been broadening the possibility of its unique expression through performances at live houses and galleries as well as co-productions with musicians. The live performance in collaboration with KUKIKODAN in 2012 was well received.