Toyota Choreography Award 2012, Next Age Choreographer Award – Marmont by Kaori Seki
Photo: Jun Ishikawa

— Discovering Choreographic Leader for the Next Generation — SELECTION PROCESS: From the applicants, the jury chose six finalists. At the final selection “Nextage”, each of the finalists perform and the jury and guest judges award to select one winner of the “Next Generation Choreographer Award”, while the audience vote to decide one winner of the “Audience Award.” “The Next Generation Choreographer Award” winner is given the opportunity to present his/her work in Tokyo following year, and provided performance venue, 2 million yen to help cover production costs and facilities for the creation.


Toyota Choreography Award
“Toyota Choreography Award” was launched in 2001, as part of its social-contribution activities in support of art and culture, by Toyota Motor Corporation in conjunction with the Setagaya Public Theatre. This Award is intended for promoting the dance of the next generation, which is very original, by encouraging and supporting choreographers who are trying to create such dances. It further aims to expand creative opportunities for choreographers and foster the development of contemporary dance activities in Japan.