Consists of a framework for inviting applications by arts organizations across Japan and special frameworks for Japan–Korea international exchange and support for East Japan. All the organizations carry out both a performance program for spectators and a communication program for exchange with citizens. The programs that invite participants regardless of generations, sexes and ability / disability have involved a lot of citizens. The festival has also been successful in personnel training thanks to its “Child Artistic Director” system for having children suggest and advertise programs, admission-free performances for elementary school students and civic supporter system.


Edamitsu Theater Festival

A performing arts festival based on artist-in-residence that has been held from September to November every year since 2009. The venue is “Edamitsu Honmachishoutengai Iron Theater,” a community space established making use of a vacant building in a shopping mall in the City of Kitakyushu. Not only theatre and dance programs for “spectators,” the festival organizes a number of community programs where citizens collaborate with artists. It aims to create opportunities for sharing and exchanging points of views through “connecting” diverse performing arts players.