Photo: Yoichi Tsukada

A dance company founded by Un Yamada in 2002 that stimulates spectators’ intelligence and sensitivity by witty and unique choreography, precise structure and the dancers’ vivid physicality. The company has performed in 27 cities in Japan as well as 20 cities in 12 other countries, and in recent years performs not only in theaters but also frequently in historical architectures and outdoor. Auditioning new members for each piece, the company always has some dozen dancers. The latest piece Le Sacre du Printemps (music by Stravinsky) will be premiered in February 2013.


Un Yamada
Choreographer / dancer. Receiving the French Embassy Prize for Young Choreographers at Yokohama Dance Collection Solo x Duo <Compétition> in 2000, she moved to France. Coming back to Japan, she founded “Co. Yamada Un” in 2002, which drew attention in Japan and internationally by its vital, humorous and witty dance. She has also been actively engaging in collaborations with music, fine arts, academics and fashion, choreography for theatre and opera productions and workshops at schools and facilities across Japan.