Fujiko Nakaya + Shiro Takatani “CLOUD FOREST – Fog Installation #47784” (Commissioned by YCAM)

Not only programming existing excellent works, we produce and present original works with our own producing section YCAM InterLab as its base, in order to create new artistic expression that involves media technologies and the body. We also develop unique educational projects to raise and enhance awareness and literacy about the information society, planning and organizing original workshops.


Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media
The Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media [YCAM] opened in November 2003 as an art complex integrating exhibition halls, theatre, film theatre space, and the Yamaguchi City Central Library. On a foundation of media technology incorporating computers and communications, the Center hosts various exhibitions of media art, theater and dance performances, movie screenings, concerts and other sound-related events, as well as workshops and lectures.