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• Research and study on theatre and dance, publication, lectures and symposia, information exchange, personnel exchange and training (publication of “THEATRE YEAR-BOOK,” organization of series of lectures, etc.)
• Creation, presentation and support (These Children’s Summer — 1945, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, etc.)
• Promotion of mutual exchange between the head office and national centres in cooperation with International Theatre Institute (ITI) / UNESCO (contributions for the operation of Uchimura Naoya Prize, participation in the world conference, etc.)


Japanese Centre of International Theatre Institute
Japanese Centre of International Theatre Institute is one of the approximately 100 national centres of International Theatre Institute, which is an international organization under UNESCO. The Japanese Centre was established in 1951, and has approximately 250 members. Based on the aim of the UNESCO Charter, we work on projects for contribution to enhancement of mutual understanding between countries, improvement of culture and realization of peace through promoting international exchange of theatre and dance. In addition to individual members, we start to invite organizational members in 2013.