Photo: Almedina Mestrovac


Playing Landscape
This performance presents an in-between expression of traditional drama and dance, integrating with Cindy Ng’s multimedia ink art. The messages it delivers are of oriental humanistic spirit concerned with modern societies and the relationship of urban living to nature. This work originates in Macau through joint efforts of artists from Macau, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Beijing, Seoul and Australia. Together, they explore the arts in traditional and contemporary forms, as well as the dialogues of dance, drama and ink. Images, collocated with performance space, originate a series of boundless imaginary sceneries.


Point View Art Association
Point View Art Association is a non-profit art and cultural association, formed in Macau. The members are from different nations and professions, such as theatre directors, visual artists, musicians, set designers, costume designers, actors and dancers. Multimedia theatre is one of the most specific aims in creations. Through experimental performance, they discover more possibilities for theatre art and expand new visions for audiences. Their tasks include producing art and cultural creations, art education and research. As well as, they boost art appreciation in people and develop exchange and collaboration of art education with groups in Hong Kong, Mainland China and more overseas countries.