An opportunity for gathering and distributing national and international art, expertise and knowledge in the performing arts.

The event was first organized in 1995, and will be celebrating its tenth meeting this year. Since its foundation, TPAM has been functioning as the central performing arts network in the Asia-Pacific Region.

Focusing on contemporary performing arts and renewed interpretations of traditional art forms in dance, theater and music, TPAM is intended as a stimulating place for artists and performing arts professionals from Japan and around the globe to assemble to further understand and discuss issues pertaining to the performing arts and to establish and develop lasting networks and partnerships. In order to bring high quality performance works to a diverse range of audiences, TPAM functions as an intermediary between artists and presenters.

TPAM not only presents artist activities and performances, it also offers a full program of discussions along shared themes; management and performance-planning techniques, maintenance of environments for the appreciation of creativity, guidance for developing domestic and international networks, as well as forums for exchange on specific topics.