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Adv¥2,500 (one drink included)
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Performed in Japanese, English, Russian, Serbian. Subtitled in each language. English synopsis provided.

Running Time: 70min

A comedy by Aristophanes, Onna no Heiwa (Lysistrata) is about the woman who, sick of the ongoing war between Athens and Sparta, persuades the women of Greece to withhold sexual privileges from their husbands and lovers as a means of forcing the men to negotiate peace. This may sound a little eccentric and unpractical, but actually in our time, there are many Lysistrata’s of the 21st Century A.D.: Leymah Roberta Gbowee who organized a large-scale sex strike in Liberia and received the Nobel peace prize in 2011; Ruby Quinones and her colleagues who asked women to “cross their legs” calling for the streets to be paved in rural town in Colombia; and those female workers at fabric factories who went on sex strike to make men give up fire arms. Sex strikes are not just in ancient mythology. Set in the present time, this work is a documentary version of the Greek comedy, based on the interviews with various women living in our time.

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空(utsubo) launched in January, 2009 with a group of Japanese, English, French, and American members, styling ourselves as a ‘minority troupe.’ Before we knew it, our cast had grown to include members from Gambia, Poland, China, Korea and Iran, further adding to our ‘minority’ flavor. Everyone in UTSUBO speaks 3-5 languages, and our performances capitalize on this diversity to apply a sharp, ‘non straight-man’ critique to language, culture, art, history and various social situations from a multi-lingual and multi-cultural perspective.

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