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Subtitled in English

Running time: approximately 90min

New creation. Things of different shapes (body shape, skin color, language, ideology, etc) are highlighted by Fujita’s unique point of view and placed around the episode of a group of three sisters.

Contact: 070-5454-7311 / Email


mum & gypsy

A theater group founded in 2007 by playwright and director Takahiro Fujita. Won the 56th Kishifda Kunio Award for the trilogy Kaeri no Aizu, Mattteta Shokutaku, Soko, Kitto, Shiofuru Sekai, premiered from June to August, 2011. In October and November 2014, the company toured Bosnia and Italy with Ten to Ten wo Musubu Sen, kara Naru Rittai, Sono Nakani Tsumatteiru Ikutsumono, Kotonatta Sekai.

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