What’s inside a toy box is,

AFR Yokohama

2.11 Wed14:00 / 20:00
2.14 Sat 13:00

*Door opens 1 hour before show starts.
*Please come early to let us serve lunch before the show starts.

Table charge ¥1,000 + 1 food & 1 drink order + Tips

TPAM Registrant Benefit: DVD of the past shows

• “Presenter” of performing arts (Registration for TPAM is required)

• “Audience” of performing arts
Available from the company

Running time: 30 min

An event that presents various types of fantasies as if a toy box were turned upside down accompanied by an accordion.
A mysterious world filled with MOMOIROZOUSAN’s strange, weird and sexy expressions. A unique pop-up show that both children and adults can enjoy!
Enjoy the nostalgic, short omnibus shows that involves rich features of theatre with nice a nice meal!
The setting is a bit different from conventional theatre: it’s an at-home theatre at a restaurant with a stage. Please enjoy☆

*Preschool children can enter (admission free under junior high students)
*Taking photos during the performance permitted. Video recording not permitted.

Street performance “NINZYA SHOW” will be held on Feb 8 13:00 and 14:30 at Yokohama Museum of EurAsian Cultures

Contact: 080-6679-7917 / Email



Momoiro-Zousan (Pink Elephant) aims to create “pop and colorful entertainment!” and as a theatre troupe it tries to create mysterious fantasy world. They do their shows not only in theatre but also in restaurants, live music club, amusement parks or even on the street. Momoiro-Zousan has joined several street performance festivals.

Registration for TPAM is required to receive the benefit.

• Please make reservations via an TPAM My Page, to which we invite you after your registration. Availability is limited.

• Please bring your TPAM Pass to the venue