Photo by Takashi Ikemura

Photo by Takashi Ikemura

1969 : A Space Odyssey ? Oddity !


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Subtitled in English

Running time: 60min

1969:A Space Odyssey ? Oddity ! ,although inspired by Jean-Paul Sartre’s Huis clos (No Exit), setting has been transferred to the outer space in near future and reconstructed entirely.
At the time on the earth, the year of 1969, when human being have put the first step upon the surface of the Moon, is being repeated.
‘Does science outlive History?’
Should our heroes, the three astronauts, find any answer to this ultimate question? What kind of an answer could it be if they should find one?
Trusted for being energetic, sur-realistic and evocative of metamorphoses of meanings, KAIMAKU PENNANT RACE proudly present our newest production at The 25th Shimokitazawa Theater Festival & A TPAM Showcase program, aiming at playing overseas soon.(Running Time 60 minutes / with English Subtitles)

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KAIMAKU (Opening Season) PENNANT RACE was founded in Tokyo in 2006. In the third season, 2009, KPR made a successful New York tour and earned favorable recognition by The New York Times and other medias.
In 2012, the founder director Yu MURAI won two prizes, Award For Excellency and Audience Award, at Annual Young Directors Contest held by Japan Directors Association.
In 2013, Murai received Honorable Award at Toga Theater Competition given by the Japan Performing Arts Foundation, of which founder and the first chairman of the board was Tadashi Suzuki and the second and the present is Oriza Hirata.
Recently , in 2014, Murai was also honoured with Setagaya Art Award “Hisho(Flight)”by Setagaya-City(Tokyo) and Setagaya Arts Foundation.
KAIMAKU PENNANT RACE is one of the most promising front runners among so many young theatrical companies in Tokyo, Japan.

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