Tokyo Gharana Showing+Workshop

Studio Worcle Shibuya Room No.102

2.8 Sun11:00
2.11 Wed11:00
2.15 Sun11:00

Participate Workshop¥2,000

TPAM Registrant Benefit: Participate Workshop ¥1,500

• “Presenter” of performing arts (Registration for TPAM is required)

• “Audience” of performing arts
Available from the company

Running time: 2h

Kathak Dance Workshop with a small showing in Shibuya. Kathak is a beautiful Indian classical dance form. You can enjoy basic elements of Kathak such as steps, spins, movements, dance vocabulary, etc.

2.8 Sun11:00
Kathak – A classical dance of North India
Atsuko Maeda
2.11 Wed11:00
Kutiyattam – A classical dance of South India – and Kathak
Tomoe Tara Irino × Atsuko Maeda
2.15 Sun11:00
Orissi – A classical dance of East India – and Kathak
Akane Hoshino × Atsuko Maeda

Contact: 080-1330-5859 / Email


Atsuko Maeda

Indian classical Kathak dance (Lucknow Gharana) Dancer
Travelled to India from Japan with a desire to learn Kathak, which she was introduced to in Japan. With a scholarship from ICCR, Govt. of India, she leant Kathak at Kadamb in Ahmedabad. Since returning to Japan she has continued her practice in kathak and also teaches at the institute which she calls ‘Kadamb Japan’ in Tokyo.

Registration for TPAM is required to receive the benefit.

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