photo by Yuusuke Aoki

photo by Yuusuke Aoki “A Doll’s House → Garden”

A Doll’s House

Yokohama Doll Museum – Akaikutsu (Red Shoes) Theatre

2.5 Thu19:30*
2.6 Fri19:30
2.7 Sat11:00 / 15:00*
*Artist’s Talk after the performance on Feb.5 19:30, Feb.7 15:00.

U-25¥2,500 (Reservation and ID required)
Preview (only 2.5)¥2,500
* No admission for pre-school children.
* Door opens 15 minutes before the show.

TPAM Registrant Benefit: ¥2,000 (Not available on the days)

• “Presenter” of performing arts (Registration for TPAM is required)

• “Audience” of performing arts
Available from the company

English synopsis provided

《IBSEN×YOKOHAMA》 is a project, which started for searching how to perform A Doll’s House now, because it is totally different from the time Henrik Ibsen wrote it. This project has composed from the reading, the discussion event, the installation, and the performance. Then, A Doll’s House describes how cracks at home were generated, despite this had been the place for rest. In other words, this text is the catalog of people, who lived in modern times. In this performance, as the final of this program, we will find out our perception and thoughts, rooted from modern times.

Contact: Jyuuryoku / Note: 080-3750-1069 / Email


Jyuuryoku / Note

Jyuuryoku / Note, a theatrical company, aims to describe the silence between the world and human through its creation. They deal with authors or texts, referring to disastrous experiences in the human history. Members are searching how to say words, how bodies on a stage should exist, or a relation between fictions and our perception, based on their research for “what makes drama” as their routine. In recent years, this company adapted: Elfriede Jelinek Wolken.Heim (F/T12 Emerging Artists Program), Lisbon@Pessoa, and Forge / Soseki Natsume (BeSeTo Festival 20th) in 2013.

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