Zero Cost House (2012)
Courtesy of Pig Iron



Feb 11 (Mon) 20:00 | 12 (Tue) 14:00/20:00 | 13 (Wed) 14:15/19:00
Kanagawa Arts Theatre, Large Studio
Adv ¥3,500 | Student ¥2,500 | Door ¥4,000
TPAM Pass benefit⇒¥1,000*
*12 (Tue) 20:00, 13 (Wed) 14:15/19:00 only


The first international collaboration of Toshiki Okada (chelfitsch) for which he writes the script. With “a playwright Toshiki Okada” as the protagonist, the play depicts philosophies expressed in Walden; Or, Life in the Woods by Henry David Thoreau and the activities of Kyohei Sakaguchi who is described as “an architect who doesn’t build.” An ambitious work in which Okada in the past and the present appears and raises questions about “the state of life” through his view that has drastically changed since the Great East Japan Earthquake.


Performed in English with Japanese subtitles

Organized by: precog
Co-organized by: Performing Arts Meeting in Yokohama 2013 Executive Committee
Contact: precog 03-3423-8669
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Photo: Nobutaka Sato

Toshiki Okada
Born in 1973 in Yokohama. Playwright, novelist and the leader of chelfitsch. Formed the company in 1997 in Yokohama, and the activities drew attention internationally, regarded as subversive about the traditional concept of theatre. Won the 49th Kishida Kunio Drama Award with Five Days in March in 2005, and the 2nd Kenzaburo Oe Award with the first anthology of novels The End of the Special Time Allowed to Us in 2007. His first anthology of theoretical writings on theatre will be published from Kawade Shobo Shinsha in 2013.

Courtesy of Pig Iron

Pig Iron Theatre Company
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